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  • FUNDED ₹ 35854
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  • Backers 46

Donate for Karnataka Floods 2021

Seven districts in Karnataka is witnessing the wrath of Mother Nature. So far, more than 10 people have been declared dead and hundreds are displaced as a result of severe flooding in parts of coastal and north Karnataka. Please donate generously.

  • FUNDED ₹ 124774
  • 25%
  • Backers 138

Support the family of Krishna Valmiki

Krishna Valmiki, 21 was beaten to death by Sagar Qureshi, Imran and others in Jhalawar, Rajasthan. The boy was attacked by weapons by Sagar Qureshi, Imran, Rais and others leaving him in critical condition.

  • FUNDED ₹ 10200
  • 0%
  • Backers 16

Help them feed over 1000 needy people per day in this COVID pandemic

Prerna Sewa Sansthan have been feeding over 1000 needy during this COVID lockdown everyday. They have distributed free ration to over 2000 people so far. They need funds urgently to take care of the growing demand during this COVID pandemic. Pls donate

  • FUNDED ₹ 3904068
  • 20%
  • Backers 4233

Help Her Build A Gaushala For Gaumatas Rescued From Slaughter Houses

Sri Ettu Ezhuthu Permual Gaushala is in urgent need of funds to build a new extension to the existing gaushala, where more rescued cows & bulls will be provided proper food, shelter & medical care.

  • FUNDED ₹ 199005
  • 36%
  • Backers 118

Lakshmi Narayan Gaushala

Lakshmi Narayan Gaushala is an effort by Yogi Arwind to build an all weather sustainable cow shelter in draught hit Marathwada region of Maharashtra. Last year, big water tank & green fodder throughout the year ensured. Now construction of Gaushala.

  • FUNDED ₹ 10100
  • 20%
  • Backers 5

Help MSC Physics Student Auqib to continue his studies - His family is unable to support his higher education due to financial crunch

Help MSC Physics Student Auqib to continue his studies - His family is unable to support his higher education due to financial crunch

  • FUNDED ₹ 181379
  • 60%
  • Backers 143

Help My Father Fight Mouth Ulcer Cancer

My father is suffering from mouth ulcer cancer for 8 months.Until now, we've spent for his surgery about Rs. 300000. We've arranged the amount from savings & loans. Need to do siddha treatment for 6 months .

  • FUNDED ₹ 2416389
  • 81%
  • Backers 2514

Help Vidit feed 3000+ Stray dogs & cows everyday

Help Vidit feed thousands of hungry stray animals everyday & also provide medical care to them. Donate generously to help him feed as many animals as possible.

  • FUNDED ₹ 282510
  • 57%
  • Backers 167

Donate food for Sadhus & Poor in Tiruvannamalai - Covid 2nd Wave Relief

Kindly support us in feeding 3000 Sadhus & Poor who are homeless staying in the Girivalam Path in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu


  • Backers 2888
  • 29%
  • Goal 10000

Petition to Ban Indian Medical Association IMA

The private organisation aims to distort the culture of the nation and also stop the monopoly by these bunch of doctors. It is time to investigate the nefarious lobby behind IMA. #IMA_exposed



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  • FUNDED ₹ 1220000
  • 102%
  • Backers 510

Private School Teacher needs your Support to Fight Blood Cancer

Hello, I am Dr. Bharti Srivastava a teacher by profession and I am at the crossroads of life where I am looking for your support in my fight for my life as I am suffering from lymphoma stage 2.

  • FUNDED ₹ 278321
  • 56%
  • Backers 149

3 months Old Rithun has a Hole in his Heart & needs urgent heart surgery to survive

Rajkumar and his wife were overjoyed when Baby Rithun was born on 13th November 2020.  Amidst the depressing pandemic, what they found was joy in the form of Baby Rithun. 3 months Old Rithun has a Hole in his Heart & needs urgent heart surgery to survive

  • FUNDED ₹ 261945
  • 105%
  • Backers 736

Severely Electrocuted 14 yr old Mosina Needs Help

Mosina aged 14 year is suffering from a damaged unfunctional hand. She is having difficulty in her day to day life. She needs urgent treatment for her hands. She has gotten electrocuted while she was drying her clothes off on the roof.

  • FUNDED ₹ 155280
  • 104%
  • Backers 86

Feeding homeless people in the time of COVID lockdown

Mannargudi Jeeyar Swamigal is feeding the homeless of Srirangam from the Matham. He requires Rs 1.5 lakhs to provide 2 meals of rice to 200 people twice a day

  • FUNDED ₹ 32163
  • 107%
  • Backers 32

Support Mahashivarathri Annadhanam For Maruntheeswarar Temple

Joins hands to Support Mahashivarathri Annadhanam For Maruntheeswarar Temple which would benefit lakhs of needy people !

  • FUNDED ₹ 263951
  • 106%
  • Backers 152

Contribute to save the life of Tushar

Tushar Koul from Durga Nagar, Jammu has met with an unfortunate accident. He was in Comma with multiple head injuries. Contribute and share the campaign to save him.


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