Severely Electrocuted 14 yr old Mosina Needs Help

Mohsina thanks you all for saving her life

3 February 2021

We have some very encouraging news for you.
Thanks to your prompt and overwhelming help, Mohsina is now on her way to get

Just a few days ago Mohsina and her humble
family was in crisis. The 14-year-old girl was severely electrocuted while
drying clothes at her house. As a result, her left arm was badly burnt and
deformed. I am sure you must have seen the pictures attached in the story to
gauge the severity of her injury. 
Mohsina lives with her single mother who
works as a house-help, her husband (Mohsina’s father) had left them long back.
The family was no stranger to struggles – emotional or financial, in some ways
you might say they were almost habituated to it.

But even they could not be prepared for
Mohsina’s accident. The family frantically sought medical help, they just
wanted Mohsina to get better. In the process they exhausted all their savings
but Mohsina was no closer to getting the operation which could save her arm. 
Then they decided to turn to you for help.
We can’t help but feel emotional when we say this but, you delivered
spectacularly. Within just two days we had raised Rs 2.5 lakh which were
required for her operation.

On hearing this news, her emotional family
had nothing but gratitude towards you. When we spoke to them, all they could
manage, amid their tears, was to thank you profusely. 
Now we are very happy to tell you that
thanks to your funds she was admitted to a very good hospital for her

On 14 January, the doctors performed two operations.
She will have to go to the hospital for multiple dressings for her wounds,
which will continue for the next four weeks. After this procedure is over,
Mohsina will undergo a final surgery.

Mohsina and her family is optimistic.
Currently in Class IX, she will start going back to school once her final
surgery is concluded. We are happy to tell you that her primary aim now is to
focus on her education and she wants to keep studying. One day she wants to
make her family proud. 
It is in times like these when your faith
in humanity affirmed. If you had not stepped in to help, Mohsina would have had
to live the rest of her life with an immobile and deformed arm. She and her
family will be forever grateful.

Do you know, like Mohsina
there is a 10-year-old girl called Unnati. She is a diligent student who looked
at the world with wonder, but by some slip of fate it decided to show her its
darker side.

Unnati has been diagnosed with Stage 2
blood cancer. She needs regular chemotherapy for the next four months and it is
very expensive. Her father is a small farmer and they are unable to afford such
a large sum for her treatment – which is vital to ensure she beats cancer. 
Would it be possible for you to show Unnati
the same generosity you showed Mohsina? Please contribute to her fundraiser,
your help however small will go a long way to ensure Unnati beats cancer and
fulfills all her dreams.

Tamil Nadu

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Mosina aged 14 year is suffering from a damaged unfunctional hand. She is having difficulty in her day to day life. She needs urgent treatment for her hands. She has gotten electrocuted while she was drying her clothes off on the roof.

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