Contribute to save the life of Tushar

Tushar Ji was Discharged last week.

27 November 2018

Update on Tushar ji the accident case.

27/11/2018 - 2030 Hrs.

Post discharge from hospital recently, Tushar ji is recovering by each passing day. He is able to recognize everything and follows each command. He is able to turn and move neck from left to right and in reverse direction as well. He understands everything happening around him. Secreation level is very low now and is able to drink fluids with the help of tumbler.

Yesterday he had a follow up with his attending doctor Dua at Fortis Shalimar Bagh.

We at KMECT are indebted to all who contributed for this noble cause of saving precious life both by moral boosting and financial support.

God bless all.

Kindly join us in wishing and praying for speedy recovery of Tushar ji to normal life.

Worthy to mention here KMECT supported this case with about Rs 8.5 Lacs to clear the hospital bills.


Tushal Kouls Medical & Bill Update

13 November 2018

Update on Tushar Ji

5 November 2018

He has started moving limbs showing substantial improvement in last four days.

Fever is also not there and secretion is very less now thus needs suction after couple of hours.

He is also being stimulated by making him to sit in wheel chair for an hour or so and massage therapy is also going on.

The greatest development of today is that he has started responding to commands with movement of eyelids and slight smile on face.

We are indebted to all those who have supported the case so far and request other worthy philanthropists to pitch in whatever little bit as hospital bill has crossed 13 lacs.

Let us all collectively pray for the speedy recovery of Tushar Ji to normal life.

Latest picture of Tushar Koul

1 November 2018

Tushar condition has been improving and he has been responding well to the medication.

Thank you for all your prayers and support.

Update on Tushar Koul ji case having suffered serious head injury involved in road accident on 06/10/2018

31 October 2018

Date: 28/10/2018. 20:00 hrs IST.

Couple of days back Tushar jis mechanical ventilation was stopped and had responded well but irony of fate he got chest infection with fever that delayed the process of shifting him to ward.

Since yesterday Tushar ji is without oxygen and fever is also normal. Having recovered from the infection doctor attending on him has decided and given written instruction to shift him tomorrow to normal room from ICU.

Latest CT scan also shows tremendous improvement as compared to last taken CT.

Meanwhile we spoke with Dr Anil Dhar ji and meeting of family is fixed for tomorrow morning to see possibility of shifting Tushar ji to other hospital as bill has reached whooping Rs. 10.70 Lacs. KMECT having supported so far with Rs. 5.5 Lacs are pledged to support but worthy to mention hete was only possible with moral and financial support of our worthy contributors.

We need more funds for this case as this might be a long battle before this young community son returns to normalcy.

Let us all collectively pray for him recovery. God bless you all.


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Tushar Koul from Durga Nagar, Jammu has met with an unfortunate accident. He was in Comma with multiple head injuries. Contribute and share the campaign to save him.

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