Help Shankardev Seva Samiti Distribute Menstural Cups Among Kamathipura Sex Workers And Their Children

The Covid-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented disruption in our lives, with barely anyone remaining unscathed from its impact. The situation turned so bad for some that they did not know from where or how their next meal was going to come from.

One of those who have undergone a lot of hardship due to the pandemic has been the sex workers of Kamathipura in Mumbai.

Our efforts towards the welfare of these women and their children have been going on for long. This has included running a night school, imparting value education and distributing food and clothes. This year we also celebrated Diwai with them.

During the course of our service we were pained to notice that they are struggling to provide even basic necessities for them and their children. While people have been willing to help them with the same, an equally if not more indispensable aspect of menstrual hygiene sadly gets neglected.

This made us realise the critical need for us to provide them and their children with menstrual cups.

Why Use Menstrual Cups And Not Sanitary Pads

In today’s date, sanitary pads have a few disadvantages. They are both harmful for the environment and are also heavier on the pocket. The pads also enhance the risk of a germ buildup in the event of the oxidation of the blood.

We will be providing non-pigmented high-grade silicone menstrual cups which will ensure optimal menstrual health for the women. The menstrual cups will also be biodegradable, which means a minimal environment impact.

We Wish To Reach Out To Almost 50,000 Women

Via our initiative we wish to benefit over 3,000 sex workers and their family members. All in all we plan on helping almost 50,000 women through our initiative.

While fortunately people are well aware about ensuring adequate food and rations for all, the equally important topic of ensuring proper menstrual access for all is yet to find the same level of backing. Through our initiative we aim to change that.

Our Journey

We live to perform sewa for the people and help in nation building. For the past 20 years members associated with the Samiti have transformed countless lives via various initiatives.

We were the first ones to start relief work during Covid-19 - even before the government swung into action and we have reached out to over 35,000 families during the pandemic. Our work during the pandemic has ranged from supplying rations to migrant workers and daily wagers to helping feed scores of cows when their carers were facing a fodder shortage during lockdown.

The seeds of our social work were sown when a few self-motivated citizens decided to do disaster relief efforts during the Assam floods - which sadly are an annual affair.

During our disaster relief efforts we decided to look beyond instant help and ensured proper rehabilitation for people whose entire livelihoods were destroyed.

Over the years have also empowered women by teaching them traditional weaving and providing them relevant employment.

Another major focus of ours has been promoting and incentivising organic farming. We started in Assam, expanded it to the northeast and have now added states like UP and Maharashtra.

We are simple groundworkers who have never sought publicity or attempted to clandestinely peddle a particular narrative or propaganda. Please consider donating to our campaign. It will not only make a bid difference for us, but it will also encourage many others who wish to devote their live to serve the society.
Beneficiary: Sex workers in Kamathipura

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Via our initiative we wish to benefit over 3,000 sex workers and their family members. All in all we plan on helping almost 50,000 women through our initiative. We will be providing non-pigmented high-grade silicone menstrual cups.

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