Help Save Gyan’s Life By Helping Him Get A Pacemaker

Forty-one year old Secundarabad resident Gyan Chander needs your help to undergo heart treatment which involves getting a new advanced pacemaker, something which he cannot afford. His heart ailments began over 20 years ago and in the year 2000 he underwent cardiac surgery when a hole was discovered in his heart.

Following the operation he was fitted with a pacemaker in 2003 which severely curtailed his mobility. Doctors warned him against travelling on his bike or lifting heavy weights. Back then Gyan used to work in a software company, a job he was forced to give up due to his heart condition.

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Pacemakers are not permanent and its battery needs replacement. In 2014 Gyan again underwent heart surgery to replace his pacemaker’s battery. A few months ago Gyan started getting cramps in his body and once collapsed during a morning walk.

He went for tests and doctors told him then that the pacemaker battery is expected to run out in the next year or so. On today’s date, it will run out in five months. Gyan needs to urgently raise funds so that he is able to undergo treatment before that.

Doctors told Gyan that his heart pumping is weak and they have advised him to implant an advanced pacemaker which will have a lifespan of 15 years. Alternative treatment with a regular pacemaker will mean he will start facing the same issues in the next seven to eight years. Doctors have pegged the total operation cost at around Rs 4.5 lakh – an amount which he cannot afford.

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Gyan’s heart ailment has meant that he has not been able to retain a steady job. After quitting his software job he has worked in industries like retail. He currently helps his brother run a small school canteen. His wife used to work at a call centre but lost her job due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They have an 11-year-old son.

The pandemic has been especially hard for them and while his wife is looking for a new job, she has had no luck so far. Their troubles have been compounded by Gyan’s heart ailment and they look towards you with hope to help them overcome this challenge. A successful treatment would go a long way in helping them lead a normal life, please help them.

Gyan Chander

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Gyan needs to implant an advanced pacemaker in the next five months to avoid significant threat to his life. He is unable to afford the treatment costs and needs your help.

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