Support residents of Valmiki basti who were attacked by violent mob


Sumit is a resident of Valmiki basti in Sarai Kale Khan area in Delhi. He met Khushi about three years ago, the duo fell in love. Given the fact that both were majors, they got married at a nearby temple.

Khushi’s family were against this relationship and had abused Sumit in the past with casteist slurs when he had expressed to marry their daughter. Residents say that soon after the woman’s family learnt of the temple wedding, they approached the police saying their daughter had been missing. The police tracked the couple, and the date of their appearance in the police station was fixed on 20 March.

Residents say that on the morning of 20 March, a woman named Safina (some said her name is Sabina), daughter of a wealthy and influential local named Suleiman, visited the colony with a group of men and “threatened” them that if the colony sided with Sumit, there would be “khoon ki holi”.

A violent mob entered houses, broke the doors, abused women, attacked them with swords. Four people named Ali, Faisal, Hasan and Afran have been arrested in the case at present. The rest of the people involved in the attack are yet to be identified, as they are being told that they were called from outside to carry out the attack.

Goal of the fundraiser:

The violent mob has done a great deal of damage to the properties of the underprivileged Valmiki basti residents. The couple who have wed rightfully under the laws provided by the constitution of the country are in a state of panic.

From the campaign, on priority Rs 500,000 will be used for Sumit & Khushi's attempt in starting a new life and Rs 21,000 will be transferred to all the respective residents who’s two wheelers were damaged in this incident. Any amount balance after the fund distribution, will be used for the welfare of the couple (Sumit & Khushi).

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The violent mob has done a great deal of damage to the properties of the underprivileged Valmiki basti residents. This fundraiser is to support the couple who are under attack & the residents whose two wheelers were damaged. Pls support and share!

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