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Fake News is one of the major problems that we are facing today. Around 30 people have been lynched to death this year due to various rumors. India has seen a surge in internet usage after the launch of Jio and most of the internet users from the village are new to the online world. At this time we need a central platform which can separate facts and fiction. We, at Fact Hunt are working to create a social journalism platform to counter the fake news by separating facts and fiction.

How does the platform work?

1. We monitor news websites and social media like facebook and twitter. our readers can send us messages or tag us on facebook and twitter to check facts.

2. Once the story is selected, we try to figure out if the story can have two sides or the story can have two different versions. If we are convinced that story can have two different versions then we post it as a discussion on our platform and present both sides of the story by dividing it into left wing and right wing. If our readers are not convinced with our responses then can add their own version. We promise we will never remove any responses as long as it is related to the story.

However, if we find that story is straightforward and debate is not required to present a neutral view of the story then we post it as an article on our platform.

3. We search for all publicly available resources on the story. We search for data on social media, news websites, government databases, and other trustworthy sources.

4. If any user finds anything wrong on our platform then they can submit their version of the story on our platform. Any user can post an article on our website or start a debate to counter fake news.

5. We have introduced the concept of "credibility score" for media houses, journalists, politicians, social profiles, etc

Read our blog post to find out how it will work and how it is going to solve the problem of fake news


Our Website: https://facthunt.in

Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.in.FactHunt

iOS App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fact-hunt/id1409357903?ls=1&mt=8

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY6cicHvgt-PJa529U6JbjA?view_as=subscriber

We have started a web series to counter fake news in which we release a video every weekend to highlight the trending fake news of last week and the truth behind the story.

Expenses: Our current expense is Rs 20-25K per month to keep this up and running. The expenses are completely self-funded.

Now, we want to expand to other languages as well. Our immediate goal is to start the web-series in Hindi and add Hindi support in our platform to reach the audience of tier 2,3 cities and villages.

But we can't expand with our current budget and we don't want to raise any fund from investors otherwise we will lose our independence. Hence we have decided to crowd-source or expenses.



1.  Neel Kamal - Founder: Working full time as a Lead software engineer in a Startup. Worked day and night (after regular job) to build the website and mobile app of Fact Hunt. 

2. Nischal Kumar - Co-Founder: Working full-time in Directi as Senior Software Engineer and helping with the development work.

3. We have 3 interns who are doing fact-checking.

Future Aspirations: We want this platform to be a non-profitable organization and want to follow the model of Wikipedia.

If you have any queries about Fact Hunt please drop an email to [email protected]

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Fact Hunt is a social platform to hunt fake news. We aspire to be India’s most unbiased fact-checking website and committed to burst any fake news shared by any media.

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