Help Sportsman Adithya Who Was Stabbed Multiple Times

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Adithya’s life would’ve completely different had it not been for that fateful day.

Adithya M, 21 yrs old, is a leading Archer in the city of Chennai, and has won lot many accolades.  Along with sports, he is also pursuing Engineering and is a top scorer. But given that his heart remains in making it big in Archery, he took it up as his career.


With a single focus of bringing accolades for the country, and chasing his dream of an Olympic Gold in the future, Adithya had been training very hard to become a professional archer. His persistent efforts bore fruits when he selected NIS (national institute of sports) which is the highest ranked institute for sports in India For the year 2021. Along with sports, education Adithya is also a passionate drummer, who has won many medals.

To achieve his goal of becoming a renowned archer he was practising every single day even when his coaching academy was shut during the lockdown. On 26 /06/2021 his academy was opened after the lockdown. Adithya around 9 am was going for his archery practice which was in ICF ground .

After finishing his practice session he called his father to inform that he is going to start from ICF ground and will arrive within 30 minutes. While leaving the premises a stranger approached requesting his phone to make an urgent call, he gave a piece of paper in which mobile number was written. Adithya started to dial the number. That's when he was ambushed by the stranger, he took his knife and started to stab him multiple times. His nose was completely amputated, several cuts in both legs and hands, deep cuts in the head region which made Adithya severely wounded.


After stabbing him multiple times he tried to stab Adithya in the abdomen region, that's when his coach and others arrived after hearing his scream. Everyone pelted stones at attacker, after which he ran away to save himself.  Adithya was taken to KMC (Kilpauk medical college) hospital by the ambulance. After initial examination and treatment doctors declared that adithya is in a critical state, he should be kept under intensive care for 24 hours.

Current status:

He was transferred to Rajiv Gandhi medical hospital around 6 pm and he underwent surgery for 8 hours in which plastic surgery was done as an attempt to attach the amputated nose and upper lip, tracheotomy was done to help him breathe, blood transfusion was also done due to high blood loss. He was kept in the emergency ward for a week. Even after a series of treatments, the surgery to reattach his amputated nose and lips failed. The decaying nose and upper lip was removed. After a week, he underwent another surgery to restore the motor movements of the right hand by reattaching the nerves which were cut in the incident. The nerve for reattachment was drafted from his left leg. After this surgery he was under rest for a week in the post anaesthetic ward under the care of the doctors. The third surgery was performed to draft the lip from the lower neck region, he underwent the surgery for 5 hours in which the skin from the lower neck region was drafted to reconstruct the upper lip. He is still under observation and the second attempt to reconstruct the upper lip is not successful.  Since already 2 surgeries for the nose and lips failed.

Goal of the fundraiser:

The goal of the fundraiser is to help Adithya with his medical treatment and post treatment expenses. Your help will be a great support and encouragement for him to bounce back from this tragedy and start training again.


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Adhitya was attacked by unidentified man, thereby stopping his advancement in sports. He is admitted for the prosthetic nose treatment and with your support will undergo nose reconstruction later. Please help and share the link.

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