Help Us Feed The Flood Affected People in UP And Bihar

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A young individual by the name of Ravi Mishra has been channelising all his energies into making sure that flood affected districts in the state of UP and Bihar are helped to stand back on their feets and to ensure the wellbeing of the persons impacted. A teacher by occupation, Ravi used to train his students for competitive exams pertaining to civil services with great success. However an urge to give something back to the society led him to transition from the day to day duties of a teacher to that of a social worker. He formed an NGO called the ‘Hope Welfare Trust’ composed of his students that has dedicated itself to grassroots rural empowerment for the last 6 years in many forms. 

Social Welfare outreach programmes by Hope Welfare Trust

Their outreach includes pressing societal needs such as Women Empowerment & Gram Vikas. With their efforts, they have built a network of 1300 women as part of their “Grin” Group that organises women from particular clusters of village which are adjacent to each other to receive self defense training, get awareness about governmental schemes designed for root levels and necessary education about women leaders of past such as Rani Laxmi Bai. They further scrutinise these women on the basis of their performances and from the final pool of 25, select the highest performing individual. This individual is felicitated at the grassroots level in the presence of police authorities such as SSP and they are provided with the ID Card of Hope Welfare Trust. Upon this, that particular female individual is designated as the ‘Police Mitra’ of that region and assists the local police in maintaining law and order by reporting any disturbances and keeping track of illicit activities. 

How they Need your Help 

Along with such measures, Ravi’s NGO is also involved into the welfare of the flood affected districts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh & Bihar which are facing massive and multiple issues due to the inundation. With their local team coordinating in districts of Bihar such as Chhapra, Gopalganj, Muzaffarpur, Hajipur & “Grin” Groups operating in districts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh such as Jaunpur, Mirzapur, Varanasi they are seeking to ensure that the provision of cooked food reaches the affected populations. Furthermore, alongwith dry grains they are also transporting necessary items such as mosquito nets, medicines and ointments because the risk of dengue outbreak in an already compounded situation due to Covid-19 due to massive flooding will exacerbate the situation terribly. Therefore, it is imperative readers that you stand shoulder to shoulder with Ravi and his team and ensure whatever possible support to the populations impacted and suffering from massive floods.