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Since 2015, Swami Vasudevdas Ji has been selflessly dedicated himself to serving Dharma, besides teaching Samskritam, Nyay and Sahitya to many aspiring students from adverse backgrounds & thus took the birth of Shri Sharadamba Vidyapeeth Trust in the year 2018, is a permanent resident of Hrishikesh, residing here for the past 25 years. He left his home at his tender age and went to Swami Maniram das ji Chhawni, Ayodhya and completed his intermediate in Samskritam. Swamiji did the “Acharya '' equivalent to Masters in Shankar Vedant and Samskrita Sahitya.

Uttarakhand is the only state along with Himachal Pradesh that focuses on Hinduism-based activities. The state has an unemployment rate of 8% as of May 2020, which is less than the national average of 23.5%. The lack of initiatives and actions on part of the state government has forced the natives to migrate to other states in hope of a job and improved quality of life. More than 5 lakh people have migrated out of the state in the last 10 years. The other respite available to the village residents to escape crises is to get converted and stay put. As per the recent data, as much as over 1700 villages and 1000 hamlets are declared as ghost villages, as per the Uttarakhand Migration Commission. Vidharmis from other states are slowly migrating to these empty villages.

The data relating to conversions are never official and thus the exact numbers are difficult to be found. This has led to slow and steady penetration of Vidharmis into the Hindu communities of the state. Job crises, rampant conversion, and migration have become critical and hugely unresolved issues in Uttarakhand.

What makes Hrishikesh so unique spot as it’s still not encroached by any single mosque, located in the foothills of the Himalayas along the convergence of Ganga and Chandrabhaga River, Hrishikesh is a smalltown in the Dehradun district, located close to Haridwar in Uttarakhand, is known for its adventure activities, ancient temples and as the "Yog Capital of the World” draws tourists from around the globe. Gateway to Garhwal, Himalayas, Hrishikesh is also a pilgrimage town and one of the holiest places for Sanatanis, with most of the spiritual journey to Uttarakhand begins from Hrishikesh.

The negligence by the state government and the Hindu community continues to make the town more vulnerable, which puts the sanctity of the holy city at stake. This creates an urgent need for actions to curb such challenges in the city of Hrishikesh.


To uphold & protect the dharmic ethos, vedic culture, create awareness & spread the vedic heritage through the amalgamation of vedic and modern education, by making the Gurukulam as a culture to the common people attain the absolute potential resulting to a self-sustainable Sanatani eco system.

Current Activities in Progress:

1. Summer Clothing for Sadhus

2. Winter Clothing & Blankets for Sadhus

3. Grocery for Sadhus

4. Teerth Yatra for Sadhus/ Bhrammacharis

5. Primary Education for a kid

6. Summer clothing and winter clothing for a kid

7. Aiding the deserving individual with a self-sustainable work module (juice stall, vegetable or fruit stall)

8. Marriage for Hindu Girls

9. Funeral-final rites & 13 Day Rituals


11.Land for Gurukulam and Gaushala

Current Activities in Progress: 

1. Holistic education(Vedic/Gurukul)

2. Aid to deserving individuals, families, self-employment& arrest migration

3. To revive the ponds in rural villages and promote hygiene and sanitation.

4. Goshala Establishment by preserving indigenous bulls, cows and secure stray cows.

5. Restoring Akhada Culture towards enabling a robust sanantani society.

6. Promoting home remedies, Ayurveda chiktsalayas and nadi Vaidyas over western medicine.

7. Promoting Vegetarianism & its potential benefits.

8. Re-cycling, organic farming, organic clothing & preserving natural resources.

9. To emphasis on Women physical challenges, women hygiene and promote indigenous pregnancy module.

10. Prevent Child Labor/ abuse, sexual trafficking and drug addiction.

11. Extend legal support system to the economically weaker Sanatanis.

12. Tree plantation against greenhouse gases and pollution.

13. Preserving indigenous tribe and their culture and regional languages.

14. Promote temple hygiene & restoration.

15. Extend support for the veteran families.

We selflessly dedicated our lives for preserving the unique culture of Hrishikesh, putting Dharma as at most priority, with this tiny step the road ahead is too steep and we are determined to have it our way; we need your continuous generous support in making this a reality an enduring one.

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This campaign will help in construction of building and equipping the local community especially the young women and men with new skill development. Our goal is to provide youth the knowledge and skills in different domain making them ready for jobs.

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