Help Shweta & Ojas complete their education and live a dignified life without their father

Shweta & Ojas are 18 & 14 years old unfortunate kids who lost their father due to a kidney failure in December 2019, leaving behind lots of financial dues, a non-working wife & an unmarried younger brother suffering from Perkinson's disease.

Unfortunately, their mother, Jaymala Pathak, is not skilled enough to get a decent job and manage the house rent, school fees, medicines & domestic expenses. Since the demise of her husband, they are living on the relative's mercy, some of them pay for their rent and some of their ration, medicines etc. Jaymala's own income is zero.

For the last couple of years, she has been keeping unwell too and was advised for a surgery but could not afford to get the surgery and treatment done.

Seeing the pathetic condition and a dark future, Shweta has been under severe distress too. 

The intended end use of the funds are:

1.) Education (35% of the total funds)

- Towards payment of outstanding school & tuition fees of the children

- Towards school & tuition fees of Ojas for next 3 years

- Towards admission & college fees of Shweta

2.) Medical care (15% of the total funds )

- Towards Uterus removal surgery + post medical care of Mrs. Jaymala Pathak

- Towards medication & regular follow up with Doctors for  Perkinson's disease treatment of Mr. Saroja nand Pathak

3.) Setting up a business (20% of the total funds)

4.) House (30% of the total funds)

- If the intended funds are collected she can buy a small piece of land & build a small house.

Attached here are the Aadhar details, Ration card, Bank account details & School ID cards of the kids.