Rationing for those suffering from hunger

No Crying Foundation & Trust has started a campaign in which we want to help those people who are suffering from hunger.

Those people who do not have bread for two times in their homes. If all of us are eating good food in our homes, then it is also our responsibility that those who do not have anything in the name of food we all help them together.

So let us all help them together, let us all feed them together

Today we do not know how much we spend from morning till evening, so we cannot give 100 rupees to those people who are part of our own society.

those who are our own responsibility

Today if we fill the stomach of a poor, think how good he will feel, how many blessings he will give us.

We spend a lot in the name of charity, in the name of religion, and on other things But in all this, we forget to pay attention to those people whom God has made human like us, Who has been given a stomach like us They feel hungry just as we feel The only difference is that God has made us capable that we can satisfy our hunger but they can't In such a situation, it is our responsibility to take steps for them.

No Crying Foundation has made a small beginning to provide ration for such people, in which we all have to help a little bit

You are most requested to donate as much as possible and follow your responsibility.