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About the Medical case

On 6th October, 2018 the fateful day in the morning  near Murthal, Haryana four college going boys perusing B.Tech from institute in Haryana while travelling in a car met very serious accident on NH-1.Two boys travelling in the car died on spot and one boy name Tushar Kaul and other boy survived the crash but Tushar is in very critical condition and was shifted in serious condition from civil hospital Sonipat to Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi.

Boy is struggling for life and is in coma. Family is from Kashmiri displaced migrant camp Vessu, Kashmir and father of boy is having income from govt. relief only. KMECT adopted the case and chipped in with supporting morally and financially. Boy is having serious head injury and was in Coma for almost three weeks in ICU on mechanical ventilation and on life saving drugs.

So far hospital bill has reached around Rs. 12.00 Lacs and Tushar needs about four weeks of hospitalization before can be kept on home care for another 4 to 6 months before all the three brain clots get dissolved and returns to normalcy. This might require further funds approximate Rs. 12.00  to 15.00 Lacs.

Save a precious life of an exiled Kashmiri, Tushar Koul. Kindly contribute and pray for his recovery.

About Tushar Koul

Tushar koul is from Durga Nagar, Sector 2, Jammu and pursuing engineering course at Sonipat. He is cheerful and always full of life. He met with an unfortunate accident on 6th October 2018. After first aid he has been shifted to Fortis hospital at Shalimar Bagh, Delhi. The boy has serious head injuries with multiple clotting and was in comma. The daily hospital expenses run into lacs of rupees. Since the boy's family is dependent on Government relief, everyone is requested to donate generously. It would be a great help to the family.

Tushar is showing signs of improvement though but would require our support and prayers. His medical certificate latest MRI with hospital bill are given below. Please check the same and support him.

Tushar recovering from the unfortunate accident

Current Bill (As of 30-Oct-2018). This is expected to raise by 12 to 15 lacs in the coming months.

Latest MRI Report of Tushar

About Kashmiri Medical Emergency & Charitable Trust

Kashmiri Displaced Community has shown tremendous resilience and have proven their ability to survive in the worst of the conditions. The minuscule community was thrown out of their Homeland in the year 1990.

They live in the hostile weather conditions, their plight in the camps is pathetic. The entire family, of 5 to 10 people, live in a single room of size 8X10 or so. The STRESS & THE LIVING CONDITION HAS LED TO MANY diseases like Stress Diabetes, Hypertension, Infections etc resulting in Heart Dieses, Renal Failure, Cancer, Digestive system dieses, Liver problems etc. These have become quite common. It has been found the illness is thrice (about 15%) in KP community than National average (5%). Due to lack of the financial support, they suffer & go to hospitals only when it is too late. This gave rise in the mortality rate with in the community.

Moved by the plight of these under privileged poor Internally Displaced Persons, a group of the community members spread over many places, joined together & came out with another innovative idea to serve the community ourselves. KASHMIRI MEDICAL EMERGENCY & CHARITABLE TRUST was thus born. It has been established for these less fortunate and under privileged Internally Displaced Persons, spread out in many places in India, who need funds for the emergency treatment in hospitals and/or guidance for proper medical treatment.

The team, initially, worked informally for over 3 years & about 50 emergency medical cases were handled then. Few of these team members formed the trust in December 2009 & got registered (No. 3959/2010-11) in April 2010. KMECT has so far handled more than 1100 medical emergency and sustenance cases and provided aid worth appx. INR 800.00 Lacs (80 Million) so far. We at KMECT have under taken to take care of such Internally Displaced Persons by resolving as follows:



(May all be happy, May all be healthy, May we all experience what is good and let no one suffer)

Do you wish to know more about KMECT? Click here to download our presentation to know about our background, mission, procedure for medical aid, growth figures and other details.

Kindly contribute generously and share this campaign on your social profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and others. Your one share might help us raise funds for Tushar and give him a new lease of life. 80G Tax exemption receipts will be provided to you separately and will be emailed to you by KMECT.

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Tushar Koul from Durga Nagar, Jammu has met with an unfortunate accident. He was in Comma with multiple head injuries. Contribute and share the campaign to save him.

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