Help me buy a skateboard in India

My name is Siddhant. After struggling and stumbling through stuff i didn't sign up for, I ended up being a Graphics Designer, an electrical engineer, and a slave of the IT sector. I've had depression and anxiety disorder for quite some time now. I tried various methods to fight it off, with all my will. I've been social, been to parties, made friends, being open, making art, learning art, journaling, writing stories, mindfulness, doing small things everyday that make me happy, doing daring things socially, going out, and hell I've even worked on my future, seen bigger dreams, made paths. But, oh but, not to surprise you but the depression doens't go away. It just doesn't. 

When I was in school, I was very active in all kinds of sports. I was a taekwondo green belt, I played football, I played basketball. Hide and seek and all the other running games were my favorite. I really, really think playing sports and doing something active dedicatedly can and will improve your life for leaps and bounds. Where I live in greater Noida, there's really no parks. No students, except small children ever play anything really. They're all rich and just spend their time partying, moving around in lavish cars and fake smiles. I hate it. College doesn't support sports either, it's just a mandatory flag for them which they need to wave in order to deem acceptable. 

All in all, focus is not on that the situation is bad, it's always bad. Point is, I really like skateboarding, I've watched so many vlogs and videos and tutorials and even watched anime and shows. I really like the culture and firmly find my place in it, I'd like to be a part of it. Skateboarding culture is not evident in India, the family where I come from, they can't afford to get me a skateboard or a guitar or fund any other of my  hobbies that cost wealth. At this point, I'm desperate. I don't like human beings, I think they have a name for that. I spend my time self loathing and being inside my head. It's not healthy, I can't do it. I need something which I can just take and go away from everything. I want to fall, I want to fly, I want to learn, I want to improve and I want to feel my youth before i run out of it. Help me if you can. Thank you :)

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Siddhant Sharma
Greater Noida

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Skateboard interests me. It interests me so much I'm ready to let go of all the morals in life . I'm depressed. To fight it, I've done art, doing small things everyday that makes me happy, being social, being optimistic, working on future but none helped

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