Requesting Funds to Construct Cow Shed for Protecting Cows during Rainy season

Sree Venkata Krishnan Go Samrakshana Sala


We established in the year of 2020 to protect Indigenous cows.


The Journey begun in 2017 where we started with one cow at our house in Adambakkam. Currently, we are maintaining 85 cattle (including cows, Bulls and calves) of 14 different breeds. We started this to cater our personal needs, later, they became our family. Our family started with 2 breeds and now we have 15 rare and perishing breeds. 


We are trying to conserve few rare breeds of tamilnadu like chakkarakuttan, sivagangai dwarf, tanjavur dwarf, chittor dwarf, turinjal (tiruvannamalai breed), kangeyam and many such breeds that are abandoned due to low milking. We are proud to rear and save those rare/perishable breeds and conserve them for the next generation. When it comes to saving them, we cannot do it alone, we need your support to construct a Cow shelter for maintenance of non-productive cows and bulls. Also, few cows are pregnant, and they are exposed to rains too.


Purpose of our Goushala:


1.       Is to Conserve our Indian Breeds from extinction and handover this treasure to our next generation. By this way we preserve and nurture our pure regional and nutritious milk.


2.       To create awareness amongst Urban population about our various Indian breeds and the difference between Bos Indicus (Indian Breed cows) and Cross breed cows.


3.       Educate the Benefits of Panchgavya to people and promote use of Cow Based fertilizers, Manure, Homecare and personal care products. By this we help/endorse Organic farming and improve the quality of our vegetation.


4.       Educate Farmers on importance of cow breeds and production of Panchgavya Products to maintain Cows sustainably.


5.       Conduct Awareness programs to Kids for building the bonding with cows among next generation, like how our ancestors were.


6.       Promote Spiritual activities like Gou Pooja and Rishabha Pooja.


For more details, pls contact 9841417443 / 7299631590

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We are running a Goushala in Chennai to creat awareness about indigenous Cows and Protect breeds that are getting extinct. We maintain lot of bulls that are non- productive and need a shelter to house the bulls . Requesting Funds for shed and maintenance

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