Urgent Funds Required for Hip Replacement Surgery & Treatment of CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease)

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Help my father stand on his own once again.


My father, Shri Jitendra Singh, is suffering from CKD and Hip bone fracture (neck femur broken) due to lack of calcium and vitamin D caused by failing kidneys. He has been hospitalized 4 times (>30 days) in the past 5 months for kidney treatments and dialysis. 


He was first diagnosed with CKD (chronic kidney disease) in the month of April 2022, He suffered a heart attack along with total renal failure. He received immediate treatment and got better over time.

His kidney again shut down after 2 months, and he was suffering from kidney sepsis. Due to the CKD, his calcium and Vitamin D3 levels were dangerously low. On a unfortunate night in the hospital, he slipped because of his weakness and broke his hip from the neck femur (neck femur can't join on its own and requires surgery).

Present Situation: 

It has been 2 months since he broke his hip. He has been on complete bed rest since then. He is unable to move his body or sit on his own. Each time we have to take him to the hospital, it takes a toll on his body, and the pain is excruciating for him. 

He is currently responding well to the kidney treatment and doesn't require any further dialysis. Doctors are saying that it is a perfect time for his hip surgery (since currently there is no infection in his body).

However, the kidney treatment has been very costly, and each time he was admitted to the hospital, the bills ran into 6 digits. I am up to my neck in debt and have also sold a part of my ancestral agricultural land for his continued treatment.

I am now at the end of the line where I don't have any other resources to pay for my father's hip replacement surgery.

Goal for the fundraiser:

So far, since April 2022, I have spent close to ₹6 lakhs in my father's CKD treatment. The tablets and injections alone cost me ~40,000/- rupees per month.

The hip implant alone will cost ₹1.2 lakh and the surgery and post op treatment will cost ₹2 lakhs+. I have been able to arrange ₹60 thousand for the surgery. Therefore, I immediately require ₹2.5 lakh for his treatment.

Since the amount required is huge, I request you to kindly contribute towards treatment of my father and help me during this time of need. Each contribution is important! Please help me raise this amount by clicking on the donate button and sharing this page with your friends and family.

I am grateful for your help and wishes.