Shyam Singh or Shyam Ruhil as he likes to be called is a 23 year old man from Rohad, Jhajjhar, Haryana. After both his parents expired, he was staying with his Aunt in Sonepat, Haryana. A charming, polite & soft spoken young man he worked at a Nutrition Company and had just started his life.

Sadly, he met a woman called Anjali few months ago and became friends with her. They used to talk often. When Shyam's aunt asked him to get married and settle down, he shared it casually with Anjali. Since that day, Anjali forced him to get married to her. She took her mother to his house but felt dejected when Shyam's Aunt refused her proposal because Anjali was already married before and had not taken divorce from her husband. Anjali had also filed a rape case against her own paternal uncle's sons and demanded property to settle the matter, as Shyam's family claims. 

This refusal by Shyam's family didn't go down well with Anjali & she planned to disfigure him for life by throwing acid on him. On 26th October, she carried a 5ltr can full of acid and threw it on Shyam. As soon as he felt the acid, he ran away otherwise Anjali would have doused him with Acid completely, Shyam told me as i met his in the Hospital today. 

He cries in pain as he tries to even speak. 

Shyam was referred to PGI Rohtak by a hospital in Sonepat as his condition was serious when he was attacked. His entire shoulder, neck and parts of face and head have been deeply injured and scarred. He has survived an attempt on his life.

When Shyam was rushed to the hospital, his friends paid some expenses as he couldn't immediately afford the huge amount. 

While his medical condition is stable, it may take him months to get a discharge from the hospital. He would also need to wage a legal fight to ensure that Anjali is not spared for the crime she has committed putting up a "woman" victim card.

Clearly, he wouldn't be able to fetch any work also for a long time.

When i asked Shyam if any official or any authority or any politician has come to meet him to offer a shoulder of support , he said it took police 7 days to even arrest Anjali, forget anyone visiting him. He also thanked many like me who agitated online and offline seeking justice for him 

If this thing had happened to a woman and the perpetrator was a man, we all know how much support would have been extended to the woman. But here, since it is a man, there is hardly anyone even talking about this case.

I told Shyam that he must not lose hope and stay strong as there are thousands who stand by him and will come forward to support him.

Please contribute towards Shyam's medical & legal expenses and help him fight this toughest battle of life. We need to give him a ray of hope that he's not alone. 

Kindly contribute to this crowd fund and help me help him. All the donation will go directly to Shyam.

Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj 

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Shyam Ruhil became victim of a brutal acid attack on 26 Oct 2022 when Anjali, threw 5 Litres of Acid on him because he refused her marriage proposal. Shyam needs financial help to fight his medical & legal battle TO revive his LIFE

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