Help and Support - An Indic Documentary series to unchain Bharat!


​These documentary will cover a range of topics from a Bhartiya perspective. With these fast paced digital world we need content which can provide context and perspective to our younger generation. With the help of Motion graphics, Achieve footage, fiction shooting, journey of different character's blended together beautifully by the art of storytelling. We work to reveal the lies.

Mock website - The Box-Series

Bharat has not been good at documenting its history and turning it into impactful documentaries. This has to change. Every era and Each region in Bharat has sufficient material for documentaries explaining the how's and why's of everything from metaphysics to history, art to architecture, and culture to culinary.

Well-researched, professional content with impactful storytelling and cinematic visuals can have an impact on people of all ages, but especially on youth. This is beneficial to the continuity of civilization. West invests heavily in content creation because videos and films are the most efficient and effective way to share our message. When high-quality content enters the domestic and global digital domains, it will gradually displace the incumbents who have dominated the Bhartiya narrative for more than a century. In the light of recent BBC fiasco, it becomes even more important to create BBC/NatGeo/Discovery-style documentaries. It is past time for Bharat to produce large-scale documentaries and films that tell our stories. These types of documentaries will have a huge impact in the coming years.

We aim to discover the truth of Bharat together unapologetically!

Out of the 3 films, The Box-Room will be our first release

None of this is particularly costly in the grand scheme of things. It does, however, necessitate talent, time, effort, planning, and, of course dharmic filmmakers.


I, Parinsha Sharma, began my career practicing corporate law in one of the big four but quit knowing that I did not belong to it. As I started traveling to explore ancient Bhartiya culture and Vedic wisdom, I started rediscovering my creativity. My constant urge and curiosity to explore gave a start to my designing and entrepreneur career and an interesting turn of events led me to the world of cinema.

Seeing the world of Cinema for the first time I intuitively knew that this was something I was seeking, to channel my creativity and offer something authentic to the world. I got the opportunity to work with Prachyam, where I met my guruji and learned the various aspect of filmmaking while working on a variety of modest to major projects. A career with wide experience of working in legal tech to creating films has given me a chance to explore, innovate and create.

I am drawn to projects which let me connect and empower my Bhartiya Roots. My focus as a filmmaker is to create films infused with ancient wisdom, aimed to invoke dharmic consciousness to transform people and turn the wheel of Bharat’s consciousness to its authentic Dharmic roots. 


Our ancient system of knowledge has been demonized and delegitimized in a number of ways. the Documentary aims to reveal these lies and rediscover the Ancient Knowledge system of Bharat. It's high time we provide context to the Bhartiya problem, reclaim our knowledge system and revive our systems to bring holistic growth to our coming generations and save the treasure given to us by our Gurus & Rishi-Munis. 

Also, you can always support a budding Indic Filmmaker for more such films hopefully this will be the first of many such films from me on Sanatan Dharm :)


The expenses include production and post-production costing. Under Production, we will be traveling and interviewing throughout Bharat sharing the various aspects, stories and different traditions.

Join & Support us to unravel the truth. 

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Our ancient system of knowledge has been demonised and delegitimized in a number of ways. These Documentary aims to reveal these lies and rediscover the Ancient Knowledge system of Bharat. Join & Support us to unravel the truth and share our story.

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