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Grand architecture, scientific rituals, temples, traditions, a rich history, and wisdom that transcends time may all be found in our country, Bharat. While traveling I discovered the richness and knowledge of our Civilization. Surprisingly, though, we found no mention of the same in our textbooks. Further, It's a well-known propaganda that the British colonized Bharat to educate and civilize us. But according to a study by British economist Angus Maddison, India produced 40% of the world's GDP in the year 1700. Is this feasible without education?

 This intrigued me to do research, and I set out to learn the truth. I was surprised by how much more I learned than I had imagined. The well-known modern-day Narrative War has a long history. The invaders understood that the Gurukuls, our long-standing educational systems, were the cornerstone of our powerful Civilization. Our ancient knowledge system functioned as the link that bound us all together despite our great diversity. They realized that destroying that would weaken us.

Islamic invaders burned down the great Bharatiya universities that once served as the world's center of education, and the British Raj systematically planned the destruction of the Bhartiya Gurukuls (Education System) as part of their Breaking India movement. The English Education Act of 1935, passed by Britishers in 1835, mandated that the East India Company fund and support any institution that would impart the western curriculum in English as the medium of instruction marked the beginning of the destruction of our educational system and the beginning of 'Brown Sahebs.' Even today, foreign powers use Brown Sahebs and academic tools to spread lies about Bharat, Gurukuls, and our Ancient knowledge systems.


I, Parinsha Sharma, began my career practicing corporate law in one of the big four but quit knowing that I did not belong to it. As I started traveling to explore ancient Bhartiya culture and Vedic wisdom, I started rediscovering my creativity. My constant urge and curiosity to explore gave a start to my designing and entrepreneur career and an interesting turn of events led me to the world of cinema.

Seeing the world of Cinema for the first time I intuitively knew that this was something I was seeking, to channel my creativity and offer something authentic to the world. I got the opportunity to work with Prachyam, where I met my guruji and learned the various aspect of filmmaking while working on a variety of modest to major projects. A career with wide experience of working in legal tech to creating films has given me a chance to explore, innovate and create.

 I am drawn to projects which let me connect and empower my Bhartiya Roots. My focus as a filmmaker is to create films infused with ancient wisdom, aimed to invoke dharmic consciousness to transform people and turn the wheel of Bharat’s consciousness to its authentic Dharmic roots.


Our ancient system of knowledge has been demonized and delegitimized in a number of ways. the Documentary aims to reveal these lies and rediscover the Ancient Knowledge system of Bharat. It's high time we reclaim our knowledge system and revive Gurukuls to bring holistic growth to our coming generations and save the treasure given to us by our Gurus & Rishi-Munis. 

Also, you can always support a budding Indic Filmmaker for more such films hopefully this will be the first of many such films from me on Sanatan Dharm :)


The expenses include production and post-production costing. Under Production, we will be traveling to many Gurukuls in Bharat to Document Gurukuls, and take interviews with the experts, Gurus, and Shishyas, sharing the various different traditions across Bharat. 

Join & Support us to unravel the truth and share the story of the most sacred and indigenous tradition of Bharat – OUR GURUKULS.

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Our ancient system of knowledge has been demonised and delegitimized in a number of ways. the Documentary aims to reveal these lies and rediscover the Ancient Knowledge system of Bharat. Join & Support us to unravel the truth and share our story.

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