Project Shine

In a country like India, consumers have always found the profitability in using products and services that have shown continence to them. In the past few year’s companies have been working on integrating sustainable sources of energy to grab the market which the world is foreseeing to go towards in the 21st century and beyond.

Introducing Project Shine. An approach that makes use of renewable source of energy to provide benefits to the consumers. Fuel prices are volatile in nature and cannot be predicted. The value of fuel keeps changing depending upon the current economic situation of the country. Project Shine sights to enhance the economy by providing consumers with solar powered charging solutions which shall replace the outgoing process of refueling a vehicle.

Furthermore, the report shall highlight the importance of such a model to exist in today’s time. Solar power is considered to be one of the cleanest form of energy with no waste produced. It has the ability to re-generate this energy into usable forms such as powering up households to recharging a vehicle. This shall give a thorough analysis on how this project aims to achieve that and build an industry catering to the sustainable needs of the environment as well as providing a leeway for the electric vehicle market to put forward their step into a country which has this needed infrastructure.

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Developing an infrastructure for charging electric vehicles using solar energy and adhering to the sustainable development of the country.

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