Help Satguru Charity Feed Sadhus And Poor Amid Covid Lockdown In Tiruvannamalai

Corona (Covid-19) Outbreak has made thousands of people suffer in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu.

Thiruvannamalai is a holy town in Tamil Nadu. The greatness of the town rests in the belief that Shiva himself resides there in the form of a mountain known as Arunachala here, and so the Lord enshrined in the temple there in the form of a Linga is also known by the name Arunachaleswara. The festival of Karthigai Deepam celebrated here with great religious fervor attracts lakhs of devotees, when a big flame is lighted on top of the Arunachala hill and is worshipped as the Lord himself. 

In light of the Covid-19 outbreak, we have started a relief program for all the people living in and around Arunachala Hill in Tiruvannamlai. Thousands of people living here, especially the sadhus, the poor, and the needy have suffered a lot during these difficult and uncertain times.

Hot nutritious food is cooked very day with help from our team of sadhus and volunteers. We then use our mini-vans to distribute and offer the same to more than 3000 people daily.

We drive and set up camps along the 14 km long Girivalam Path of Arunachala Hill two times every day, as thousands of sadhus, poor, homeless, and hungry people flock to our stations. We have been doing this since March 25.