Making Shelter Homes For Street Dogs

Their destiny is in your hand.

Help all the street dogs to get shelter homes and new life for better living.

 We by your help want to make shelter homes for street dogs in all the parts of the country:

Where their human parents will provide them love, food and take care of them.

Where their feelings will be respected and understood.

Where people will not bit them,they will love them.

Where people will not kill them,give them a new life.

Do read full because you can save thousands of lives.

Sharing some of the important points everyone should know this  :-

As we all know,there are lot of campaigns which provides food to the hungry street dogs .They all collect money from the generous people and do good for the hungry dogs.


Can you tell me

1.For how many days do they feed the hungry street dogs ??

2.Do all the street dogs are lucky enough to get foods?

3.Do everyone get food from the same people??

4.Do feeding of stray dogs campaigns run everywhere in the country??

The answer is no and they are given food in particular parts of the country,not everywhere and not regularly.

Then what is the need of all these campaigns if they can't provide food to all the hungry street dogs daily on a regular basis.

Providing food for 1day, 2day or take maximum 1 month,then they stop.Tell me what help they did by providing food only for few days and then stopping leaving them again hungry like before.

They also suffer from malnutrition,diseases,extreme cold, extreme hunger which sometimes lead to their death.Precious lives get destroyed.

Lets now discuss about some people's mentality about street dogs.

I want to say that dogs are not living beings or what ???

When these peoples see a street dog standing or sitting in a place,they disturb them and throw stones on them.And when these dog reacts these people bit them and sometimes even kill them.

When these people see a street dog coming to them for food,they bit them,make them go from them there and kill them.


They don't have heart?God made them heartless?Even what I am saying do these peoples have heart??

Street dogs are exploited everywhere.

They die in car accident.

They die due to extreme cold in winter

 season at the street mixed with fog.

They suffer from extreme hunger.

When they suffer from any disease , people are not generous enough to help them.

They are even discriminated if they get food.People like feeding some good looking street dog and not everyone.

In a year many street dogs are dieing because of these.

So what to do to all these poor street dogs.Lets give them a new life.NOT EVERYONE HAS DREAMT OF ADOPTING STREET DOGS.

The only solution is making shelter homes for them in all the parts of the country.

Come everyone let's make shelter homes for them.

Help the street dogs to get home and better living.

Donate now and help making their shelter homes and make their lives joyful.

Let precious lives become more precious to human beings.

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Providing homes to homeless street dogs

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