Pavan needs your help for medical treatment

Pavan is a seven year old boy from Ballabgarh faridabad who can't talk, doesn't even say a word, can barely walk because of very weak limbs, can't eat by himself and has a very difficult childhood. His parents are healthy and even his younger brother is physically fine. His father works at a slathe machine and earns a meagre salary while his mother is a housewife. Pavans delivery happened in a government hospital where because of some complications, he had to be suctioned out. Apparently some nerves of his brain got damaged during that as the family has been told by some doctors. When he didn't cry, didn't make any noise post birth and the family asked doctors, they were advised to get scans done. The government hospital despite the condition of the child gave him a discharge within a day. in the scans done after that, doctors informed the family that most parts of his brain are totally non functional and he will remain the same for the rest of his life. 

I met Pavan as I had helped his aunt in treatment of her son & when I visited her house recently, I got to know about Pavan.

I personally feel Pavan can be treated and his condition can be made better if right medical treatment is given to him. He reacts to sounds. He also keeps making a strange sound through his mouth and hand all the time. He does look around occasionally. 

I have started this fund to basically help the family get him seen by some good doctors and if any treatment is possible. If not, this money shall serve as a saving for his future as he won't possibly be able to work for himself ever. 

This campaign is being done after a request by his family. The collected amount shall be used either for his treatment or deposited in an FD for his future. Entire money shall first be transferred to his mothers account. 

If you're from medical fraternity and wish to help in getting Pavan the right treatment, please write to me on [email protected] 

Warm Regards, 

Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj

Twitter : @DeepikaBhardwaj

I am an independent journalist and a documentary filmmaker. 

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Deepika Bhardwaj

Beneficiary: Preeti (Pavan's Mother)

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Pavan, a seven year old boy who can't say even mummy papa, canno walk properly, can't eat properly and barely recognises anyone , needs your help for right diagnosis of his illness & a possible treatment there after. Your support can give him better life

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