Help The Families Who Are The Victims of Delhi Riots


Delhi saw one of the worst riots in the country's history where many underprivileged families' lives got impacted. Many lost their loved ones, properties (shops/homes etc) due to the violent riots.

Goal of the campaign

We currently have an on-ground team that is looking for such families who's lives have been shattered.  The goal of this campaign is to identify families who are massively impacted due to the riots and help them with monetary assistance. We believe that this would act as a short term relief for these underprivileged families who have been impacted by the riots. We may extend the goal amount if we find more such families that deserve our help and assistance. We will extend the fundraiser amount as we progress and ascertain the losses of lives and properties of these families. The list is growing. The funds will be transferred to the impacted family accounts directly. Regular updates will be provided and will be managed with full transparency.

About the campaigner

This campaign is managed by a group of Dharmics under the leadership of Kapil Mishra ji, (ex-MLA Delhi).

We request each and everyone to come forward and help the families out in whatever way it's possible for them!

Dharmo rakshati, rakhsitah: You save Dharma, Dharma saves you!

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This fundraiser to help the underprivileged families who have been impacted massively by the Delhi riots.

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