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Donation for supporting temple priest who is on temporary rolls with salary of Rs.700 per month

Please donate for supporting temple priest who is on temporary rolls with salary of Rs.700 per month at Vendayampatti Sri Thanthondreeswarar Temple

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Preserve, protect and support Dasna Devi Mandir and temple administration

This campaign is for the enhanced surveillance of the temple, providing security to the temple priest, creating a welfare fund that will help the temple administration to preserve and protect one of the holiest temples in the country. Please support.

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Raise fund for temples loudspeaker

We are collecting fund for buy 3 temples sound systems in awagarh etah up. Fisrt temple is Radha Krishna Mandir awagarh. Second is Neelkanth temple awagarh. Third is Hanuman gadi mandir awagarh. So we want you all support us for buy sound systems .

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Please help to restore 1000 year temple destroyed during Mughal period

Sri Lakshmi Narayana Perumal located in Maligapet ,a village in cheyyar, Tiruvanamalai district,Tamil Nadu. This temple history dates back to 1000 years as per the details collected.

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Help builiding Sree RanganathaSwamy Temple at Bojjinayanipalle Chittoor, Andhrapradesh

Villagers of Bojjinayanipalle humbly request the general public and respectful devotees of lord Sri Ranganatha Swamy to donate for the cause. get Lord Shree Ranganathaswamy “Krupa” and blessings.

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Support Liberation of Hindu Temples from Government Control to save Hinduism

A passionate group of activists from Equal Rights for Hindus movement want to unite people and liberate our temples from Government control. They need your support to stop the onslaught on our civilization.

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Sri Muthumariamman Temple Ashoknagar Reconstruction

Sri Muthumariamman Temple at Ashok Nagar is worshiped by the entire Ashok Nagar community (near R3 Police Station) of Chennai.

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Fund raising for Shri Kamakshi Amman Temple

Fund raising for Shri Kamakshi Amman Daily Pooja & Poojari Salary

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Help me in conducting Shradh of my grandmother

Help me in conducting Shradh of my grandmother

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Temple Encyclopedia

Our objective as an organization is aiming to create an environment where our temples are free from any kind of attack or loot. We are creating an ecosystem to re-identify our culture, our land, megastructures and every possible structure related to our

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Durga Puja ke liye donation

Hamare idhar bahut din se a Durga Puja hota hai Lekin donation ke a ab main main idhar Durga Puja acche se a nai hota hai ham log chahta hai hai ki hamara Durga Puja achcha se ho aur kuchh acche se program kar paye isliye ham log aap logon ke pass donati

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Harish needs to raise 18,000 INR (approx) to conduct Shradh of his grandmother who passed away recently due to COVID-19

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Temple Construction

Hello, I will be really thankful to all the people who would like to contribute to us for building a temple, we will pray for you and your family. We will make sure that every single penny is contributed to the temple.

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Restoring Village Ramalayam in Girijan Colony AP

DAANADharma Trust has been instrumental in restoring "Grama Devatha" Temples in Harija/Girijan colonies in AP INDIA. We restored more than 25 small temples and supported more than 800+ Temples with Pooja Kits.

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Publishing Mahabharatam stories in multicolor and artwork in telugu to bring awareness of ancient vedic culture to present society.

Mahabharatam stories teaches personality development and brings awareness of ancient cultural values. We wish to distribute this book at affordable price and also free of cost to schools and libraries, so poor students and readers can also benefit.

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Support Family of Priests of Thiyagarajar And Vadivudaiamman Temple Affected by COVID Lockdown

Livelihood of Thiagarajar temple priests is massively hit as there are no devotees coming to the temple during this COVID lockdown. The funds raised would be directly transferred into the accounts of the temple priests. Please support

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Renovation of Sri Lakshmi Varaha Sannidhi owned by Sri Veeraraghavaswamy Devasthanam, Tiruvallur, Tamil Nadu

A fundraiser for renovation of Sri Lakshmi Varaha Sannidhi that was occupied by miscreants which were won after a prolonged legal battle. This deity was found in temple tank (Hrithapanashini) of Sri Veeraraghavaswamy temple before a few centuries.

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I need to help local people to rebuilt there Guru Valmiki Temple affected by rain

We people are well aware about Adi Kavi Guru Valmiki Ji . In my hometown well known old Valmiki Ji temple was down due to rain it's been 2 months now people are worshiping him under thatch which I really found disturbing