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Indian Sanatan Culture Awareness Campaign

This special campaign has been started with the aim of curbing the increasing velocity of Kurtis prevailing in India, and awakening the Sanatan culture. We are going to expand it with loud noise from the holy festival of Lord Krishna's birth anniversary

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Support Poor Temple Priests During The COVID Lockdown By Saiva Sastra Prachara Sabha

Temple priests who make under Rs 2000 a month are massively hit as there are no visitors coming to the temple during this shutdown. Help us support them get over this crisis

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Help Us Build the Compound Wall to Safeguard Our Temple!

Gold and silver ornaments from Mallanna Temple have been stolen as it doesn't have a boundary wall that protects the temple. We seek your help in safeguarding our temple.

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Support Us Revamp, Restore, Rebuild 1000 yr Old Shiva Temple!

Help us revamp the 1000 yr old Sri Paramjyotishwarar temple which Sage Agasthya had asked King Thanjaivannavan to construct. We are revamping and restoring the old glories of the ancient temple

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Support Sivacharyar Shivanandam In Reviving Ancient Agama Traditions

Shivanandam Shivam an Archaka at the Arunachaleshwarar temple is reviving the acient Agama traditions by researching and converting it into books. Please support him in reviving Dharma.

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Help Us Restore, Rebuild 2000 year old Vishnu Temple!

A 2000 yr old Vishnu Temple is in ruins in Tamil Nadu, please help us rebuild the temple and protect our heritage!

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Help 86 yr old Shiva devotee to rebuild a 1000 yr old Shiva Temple!

Venugopal Naidu (86 yrs) from Pazhangur,Villupuram (TN) has been trying to rebuild a 1000 year old pallava built Shiva temple for the past 4 yrs. Please help him realize his life goal!

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500 yr Old Ganesha Temple, Under Attack From Extremists, Needs Your Help

Rarest Ganesha temple is under neglect and attacked by extremists who have planted a cemetery right adjacent to the temple. The priest needs your support to sustain worship and pooja here.

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Help Us Revamp, Rebuild, Restore A 1000 yr Old Vishnu Temple

Support Us to Revamp, Restore the 1000 yr old Vishnu Temple near Chennai.