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Let's Help Martyred & severely injured GauRakshak

Shekar Ramlu Rapelli was brutally murdered by cow smugglers, as he and his fellow gau rakshaks tried to protect cows from being slaughtered. 4 other cow protectors are gravely injured. The family of Ramlu needs financial support to survive.

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Help Bengal Victims Post Ramnavami riots

Bengal is again Burning. There is no one for Hindus. During Ramnavami and right after it, our community incurred huge losses - properties were burnt down, Ram Bhakts were brutally injured, bombs were thrown and everything was done to impact and threaten

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Empower underprivileged in Bengal

Bengal is in desperate need. There is no development work. Hindus are suffering immensely. We are getting an incredible amount of requests to help/empower Hindus in Bengal.

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Support Persecuted Hindus of Pakistan, Adarsh Nagar Camp Delhi

Let us give a better life to the Persecuted Hindus who are coming from Pakistan and looking forward to starting a new life! We are the only hope for them. Let us give them a month's grocery, basic kitchen materials and empower them...

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Lets build a home for Burnt Kanpur Hindu Family - Krishna Gopal Dixit

Krishna Gopal Dixit, the poor Hindu man who faced the tragedy of losing his wife and his young daughter needs your help. On the 14th of February, his 45-year-old wife Pramila Dixit, and his twenty-year-old daughter Neha were burnt to death

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This Diwali Let's Support 50 Hindu Families in Palamu Jharkhand

On August 29, Muslims attacked 50 Hindu homes /families in Murumati Village, Pandu Panchayat, Palamu Jharkhand. There is no one to help the homeless in their own country. Let us support them this Diwali.

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Support Family Of Ankita who set ablaze by neighbour Shahrukh Hussain

Ankita Kumari had refused the advances of Shahrukh Hussain which angered him, and he torched her alive by pouring petrol on her. The fundraiser is to help the family at this difficult phase of their life, and for the challenges ahead they will face.

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Convert or Run - Kiran Devi ran from her village to avoid conversion (Jharkhand)

Kiran Devi , mother of Suman Kumari and one more minor girl were tortured and abused by Village Chief Wasin, his son, and dozens of others who came to her house at around 8:30 PM on August 10 and forcibly took away both her daughter

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Save my family from suicide due to huge loan in market taken in Chorona situation and being victim of employer in unemployed condition.

I,Sobhan Chowdhury,facing a monetery crisis in this stage that any day I have to take to decision to commit a suicide , please help our family from this disaster .

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Help family return body from abroad

!! ब्रेकिंग !! कुशीनगर का 30 साल का रोशन 3 महीने पहले नौकरी करने दुबई चला गया था। जिसकी 3 दिन पहले वहीं पर हत्या कर दी गई। युवक वहां पर एक बांग्लादेश और पाकिस्तान के युवक के साथ रहता था। तीनों का 3 दिन पहले किसी बात को लेकर विवाद हो गया था।

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Vipul Narkar spent 7 years in Jail for a crime he did not commit. He was implicated in a false rape case by his step daughter and has now been acquitted. His property was sold. His belongings taken away. He now has to start his life from scratch again.

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Support Family Of Kanhaiya Lal Who Was Beheaded In Udaipur

Kanhaiya Lal, a tailor in the city of Udaipur, was beheaded on 28th June 2022 by Gos Mohammad and Riyaz. The killers not only murdered him but also filmed the entire horrific act, and threatened the Prime Minister with the same consequences as well.

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Support Gau Rakshak Anand Joshi and help his family fight the injustice

The Gaurakshak who didn't care about his life for Dharma is now looking up to Hindu society for help.

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Support Nagaraju's family who was publicly killed over inter-faith marriage

Nagaraju (25 y/o) was killed brutally in full public due to interfaith marriage. His wife and parents need our financial support so that they can seek justice for their lost son who will never return back. Your DharmAnsh will be sent to the mother & wife

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Support Kashmiri Pandit, Rahul Bhat's Family - GKPD initiative

Rahul Bhat, a Kashmiri Pandit was killed by terrorists inside his office in Chadoora of Budgam district in Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday, May 12 2022, in yet another instance of targeted attack.

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Support Arjun Chowrasia Family, BJP Yuva Morcha activist murdered in Bengal

Another Karyakarta was allegedly hanged & murdered in Bengal. How long do we have to suffer? Kreately team has reached out to the friends of Late Arjun Chowrasia.

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Support RSS Leader Sreenivasan family killed by terrorists (Kerala)

RSS leader Sreenivasan was killed by five terrorists at Palakkad on 16/4/22. He was attacked at his shop in the heart of Palakkad town. They arrived at the spot on motorbikes.

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Support BJYM Karyakarta Sri Arun Kumar family killed by extremists

BJYM Tarur Panchayat Palakkad Dist Secretary Sri Arun Kumar was stabbed brutally in an attack led by CPIM on March 2 '22. He suffered deep injury in his heart, fought for life last 8 days & succumbed on March 10 2022

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Sustainable livelihoods for Manual Septic Tank Cleaners

Creating sustainable livelihoods, for daily wage “Manual Septic Tank Cleaners “ thru mechanisation & ensuring Safe Sanitation ! Donate wisely and uplift the ones who add values to our lives