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Support Family Of Assam Lynching Victim Sanatan Deka

This is not just a economic support but an initiative to stand united - with our own people. We can’t allow miscreants to take control over our economy or our life. We need your help to Revive and Restore Sanatan Deka’s family's Belief in our Dharma

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बिहार के मुंगेर जिला में करोना ने हंगामा मचा हुआ हैं. गरीबों के बिच राशन सामग्री वितरण के लिए सहयोग की जरूरत हैं

में इंतेखाब सुभानी जो मुंगेर से हैं, हमारे मुंगेर में करोना का कहर जारी हैं लोग भूखे रहने पर मजबुर हैं, लोगों को दवा खाना नही मिल पा रहा हैं, जहां तक हमारे से हुआ हमने क्या अब आप लोगों से मद्द करने के लिए अपिल करते हैं, हमारे मुंगेर के उन गरीबों के लिए

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need help for home

we are living in a damaged single room house. the ceilings are 70 percent damaged and fell down like patches on my head and made injury.I am living with my two girl babies in this house.And also this house was located in national highways land.

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Help Underprivileged People Affected By Recent Bengal Riots

Several lives have been displaced by the recent Bengal riots which took place since 10th of May, 2020. Underprivileged families have lost their houses and businesses due to the communal clash. We wish to help their lives get back to normalcy.

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Food and medicine fund for migrant workers

This fund will help us to provide food and medicines to the migrant workers who are on road due to countrywide lockdown.

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Help Arjun Singh Support His Family And Khyala Triple Murder Survivors

Arjun Singh needs support for the treatment of his wife and daughter. His wife has to undergo a surgery and his daughter is constantly ill. He also needs support to take care of the two children who were orphaned after the infamous Khyala triple murder.

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Please Help Pak Migrant Hindu Families

Pak Hindu Migrant not accept Islam the comes to India in very critical condition.. Let feed the in the Covid-19 era

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Support Palghar Victim Nilesh Telgade's Family

Nilesh Telgade hails from an underprivileged family, who is survived by 2 kids and wife. He was a rental car driver, accompanied the sadhus to Palghar, was lynched by the mob. Pls support his family.

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Help Buddheshwar Karmakar Family

Provide interim support to deceased Buddheshwar Karmakar's Family