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Support Bajrang Dal Harsha Killed in Hijab Row (Karnataka)

26-year-old Harsha was stabbed to death in Shivamogga on 19 Feb 2022. He was amongst those protesting against #Hijab in Schools by wearing saffron shawls in Sahyadri College

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Support family of Kishan Bharwad (Gujarat)

On 25th January 2022, Dhandhuka (Gujarat) youth Kishan Bharwad was shot dead by two bike-borne assailants after he had shared a social media post that contained visual depiction of a religion's Prophet.

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Support 17 year old boy Rupesh Pandey family

17-year-old Rupesh Pandey was murdered by a mob of extremists in a fight that emerged at the time of Saraswati Puja’s Murti Visarjan on 6th February 2022. We Hindus, list a brilliant son & the only child of his parents.

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Support the family of Lavanya

M Lavanya, a 17 year old girl, who was a student of Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School, Thirukattupali in Thanjavur, Tamilnadu committed suicide after she was forced and tortured by school authorities in order to convert her to Christianity.

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Support the family of Dablu Singh

Dablu Singh, a 26,year old man was brutally stabbed to death over a love affair by brother and maternal uncle of his girlfriend from other faith on Tuesday. He was offered to convert and in lieu was offered a certain lump sum. He refused.

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Support the family of Kerala Hindu social worker Sanjith

On 15th of November, Sanjith, a 26 year old RSS worker was hacked to death in front of his wife by extremists in Kerala. This fundraiser is to support the family during this difficult phase. The funds raised will be transferred to the wife's account.

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Support the family of Virender Paswan

On 6th of October, Street hawker Virender Paswan of Bhagalpur, Bihar was shot dead by extremists at Lal Bazar area in Srinagar, Kashmir. Murdered cowardly by Terrorists .

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Survival Help Request for Family Needs

Covid Pandemic has left us with no other options for our survival and dried up all our income sources.

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Support the family of Krishna Valmiki

Krishna Valmiki, 21 was beaten to death by Sagar Qureshi, Imran and others in Jhalawar, Rajasthan. The boy was attacked by weapons by Sagar Qureshi, Imran, Rais and others leaving him in critical condition.

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Support Victims of Bengal Violence

Lives have been lost, and properties have been damaged because of the violence that was unleashed after the election results. Please support us help the victims of the Bengal violence.

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Help the Transgenfder Community survive

The second wave of pandemic has pushed the transgender community towards starvation. The already scarce sources of income have now completely dried up. Please come forward and assist this marginalized community get a fighting chance.

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Survival in the Pandemic

Survival in the Pandemic

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Help the family of ANANDA BARMAN

Ananda Barman, a youth from a small farmer family killed in poll violence. As his parents lost his son, they needs support.

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Feature film on ideology related to the transgender in India.

Inviting funds for a feature film based on social norms and human bias related to the third gender in India. Movie features talent which is unseen in the film making arena and gives an amazing sense of good direction and other nuances of film making.

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Support residents of Valmiki basti who were attacked by violent mob

The violent mob has done a great deal of damage to the properties of the underprivileged Valmiki basti residents. This fundraiser is to support the couple who are under attack & the residents whose two wheelers were damaged. Pls support and share!

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Support the family of Rinku Sharma

This fundraiser is to support the family of Rinku Sharma, the activist who was mob lynched in Delhi. Rinku Sharma stood up for his Dharma. He leaves behind his family with his parents and brother. Please support!

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Loan recovery agent harassment

Hi,this lockdown time I take loan from mobail I pay the interest.more than I don't have any jobs,now I can't pay amount.recovery agents are calling harassing me and Family,friends and all my I can't sleep fully depression.

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Support family of Rahul Rajput

This is a support campaign for the family of Rahul Rajput, who was lynched to death, for being in an inter-faith relationship, by the girl's brothers. We wish to do our bit for the family to bounce back from this irreparable loss.