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A initiative to help the poor people and migrants in our Society

This fund is being collected to help the poor people in our society. The society needs you . We should come together and help the poor people. They are coming on roads and the humanity must help them.

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Support Traditional Folk Artists Survive During This Corona Lockdown

We are a total of 30 performing folk artists from Tirunelveli, who have lost our livelihood due to the ongoing corona lockdown. Please support us in this crisis

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Need Fund For Buy Second Hand Camera

Fund needed to buy second hand camera

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Support Mahabharata Actor Sathish Kaul Overcome Health Issues

Satish Kaul who played the role of Lord Indra in BR Chopra's epic show Mahabharata and shot to national fame, has been battling penury in the recent years. He is struggling to make ends meet and has multiple health issues as well.

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Help Us To Do Cyclone Amphan Relief Work

Extremely severe cyclonic storm 'Amphan' roared into West Bengal, making landfall at 2.30pm on Wednesday, unleashing heavy rain and high-velocity winds that left a trail of destruction. Pls help us do the relief work for Cyclone Amphan.

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Project Shine

Developing an infrastructure for charging electric vehicles using solar energy and adhering to the sustainable development of the country.

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Support Jhatka Meat Delivery System Across India

The goal of the fundraiser is to create a market place for the Jhatka meat which will provide employment to the SC Khatik community.

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Aapat sahayata

Lockdown ke dauran aata ,chawal ka vitarar kar raha hu madad kare

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Young Advocates Maintanece fund

Dear all due to lockdown a lot of young lawyers have lost their earnings. I am starting a small initiative to help a few of the with basic needs. I am hoping to give 10K per family.

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Corona Virus-covid-19 Relief

Stand with daily wage earners

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Help to provide dry ration to poor people.

#DonateForFood Helping 2500 poor and needy families during lockdown.

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Help us Feed Poor of Bhagalpur during COVID Lockdown

The poor and the homeless of Bhagalpur, Bihar are the most affected by the COVID lockdown. Help us feed the underprivileged during this lockdown!

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Help The Needy And Underprivileged During The Corona Lockdown

The needy and the underprivileged who depend on daily wages for their sustenance are affected by the lockdown. Support us help them overcome this difficult time!

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Support Poor Temple Priests During This COVID Lockdown!

Lets Save People who are saving our Dharma

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Support Us Feed The Underprivileged Needy And The Corona Fighters!

Support us provide relief materials to the needy, underprivileged and the poor in Karnataka during the ongoing Corona crisis.

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Help Us Support The Needy During The Times Of Covid Lockdown!

In line with the current COVID 19 Situation, we are planning to provide provisions to the low line areas in chennai since the targeted people are really affected in the areas of salaries and wages.

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Support Us Provide Monthly Provisions for Daily Wage Workers During COVID Lockdown!

3000 odd families are now living without wages because of the current lockdown. We aim to help them with a month's groceries worth Rs 1000. Please support us!

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Help Sankardev Sewa Samiti Support Daily Wagers During COVID Lockdown!

Sankardev Sewa Samiti aims to take care of the daily wagers in Mumbai, Mumbra, Assam by distributing food packets, sanitizers, face masks.

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Help Me Distribute Sanitizers to the Underprivileged to Stop The Spread of Corona!

To stop the spread of Corona virus, we wish to distribute sanitizers to the underprivileged in the parts of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Mumbra and Assam.