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Petition to Ban Indian Medical Association IMA

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Manjunath K Someshi Bengaluru
Ananth Padmanabhan Bengaluru
Mahesh Bengaluru
Kumar Mudaliyar Mumbai
Deepa Bengaluru
Ashok Chauhan New Delhi
Ananth Padmanabhan Bengaluru
Kiran Sydney
Shailendra vyas Pune
K S Prabhakar Naik NAIK Bengaluru
Anonymous Pune
Anonymous Hyderabad
Manohar Chhabria Mumbai
Ghanshyam Vyas Hyderabad
Netra Kolkata
S. Ramachandran Chennai
Anonymous Bangkok

The Activist
New Delhi

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The private organisation aims to distort the culture of the nation and also stop the monopoly by these bunch of doctors. It is time to investigate the nefarious lobby behind IMA. #IMA_exposed

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We are two friends in delhi we are providing food nd mask to poor peoples who lived in streets plz help us