Repeal Places of Worship Act to reclaim our temples

The act, introduced by the Narshimha Rao government at the backdrop of the Ram Janambhoomi movement was to freeze the status of all religious places from 15th August 1947 in the bid to promote inter - faith unity and peace. This was also potentially done as Hindu organisations like the Viswha Hindu Parishad ( VHP ) had demanded to start stirs on three major sites - Kashi, Mathura and Ayodhya. Besides these three, they had laid claim to 3000 temples that were destroyed by Islamic kings and had mosques built over them.

The government, while introducing this bill, stressed upon the point of unity amongst all religions and maintaining the religious tolerance ever shown by the secular model of society. They believed that for the sake of unity and harmony, such an act should be brought to safeguard any religious structure, whether history suggests it's change and obvious demolition by anyone in the past or not. 

Not only does this cause a problem for Hindus to reclaim what is their civilisation but also plays a cruel joke on their sentiment and their gods. The gods Krishna and Shiva being important deities for many worshipping Hindus across the world. Moreover, even if one has to ask the Islamic jurisprudence, it strictly rejects the idea of demolishing temples and building mosques over them. Not that is for any consequence for the people who couldn't understand this. 

Therefore, I start this petition, in the hope that public sentiment makes a concrete point for the repealing of this act which is nothing but a sign of negation from our political figures towards our religion. The onus of peace and tolerance is and shall not be a concern for Hindus only. We must start by reclaiming what's ours. No amount of peace or unity can be achieved if you keep us away from our roots. And we are going to make sure that never happens again.

Please help me to sign this petition. Make sure it's heard to the largest power packed room for individuals. It's time to wake up from the colonial slumber.

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Anhad Jakhmola
New Delhi

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The aim of the Act was to freeze the status of any place of worship as it existed on August 15, 1947. It does not pay attention to history and was made on false secular notions to promote short term peace. Time to repeal it for freeing our temples.

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