Banned Husky in India

St. Bernard , Siberian Husky, Alaskan malamutes  this breeds are genetically upgraded to survive only in extreme cold temperatures like Siberia, Antarctica, where the normal temperatures are very low. These breeds have double coats and whatever we do they can't sustain India's temperature .

How will you feel wearing a coat in 40 degree Celsius temperature and sitting in A.C or a cooler ? Will you be comfortable ? 

Same things are feel and experienced by these breeds , There are laws which stops breeder to import them for breeding but still people do import them from other countries just to show other people "Look mene husky Pala huaa hai " .. "Iske liye me 24 hr A.c  chalataa hu ghr pr "

Literally are you serious are this any luxury items  which you can keep in home  ? Husky can survive -30 degree temperature are your A.C  this much powerful.

So, when you bring this breeds at home they suffocate slowly and gradually wounds appear on their body . They loose their appetite and in last the owner has to abandon him as they can't took care of them.

Why can't St. Bernard , Siberian Husky, Alaskan malamutes in India ?

1. Huskies have double coat, a fluffy dense undercoat that provides them warmth and keep the warmth inside.

2.imagine if someone made your wear 5 sweaters 2 jackets and 2 scarf and let you outside in Rajasthan Desert that’s how huskies would feel if you try them to keep in Indian temperature. I hope you got my point.

What happen if you keep this breeds :-

1.You will be providing a great tension for the husky as well as yourself.

2.You have to keep your AC on 24/7 for husky which will lead to high electricity bills.

3.Husky will always look sad and won’t be very active.

4.They won’t come outside the house which will lead to less socialization and exercise which is also bad for the husky.

5.Their fur may fall out completely and also there will be a less chance of them to survive.


I hope we all get the answer . We should stop this cruelty soon and this can only happen if we can banned this breeds in India.

Every Breeds which can't survive Indian temperature should be banned "

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St. Bernard , Siberian Husky, Alaskan malamutes this breeds are genetically upgraded to survive only in extreme cold temperatures like Siberia, Antarctica,

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