Justice for Monkey hanged to death in Telangana.

A dog was drowned in mumbai, an elephant was fed firecrackers another dog was thrown off a building, many more crimes against animals were committed and now a monkey was hanged to death in Telangana. The video of animal torture shows a monkey being hanged to death from a tree by three people. The monkey was screaming and crying, yet no one listened. They reportedly did that to scare away other monkeys in Khammam district of Telangana, according to forest department officials. 
This came right after a video went viral of an elephant that was fed firecrackers. "The perpetrators, who admitted their guilt, are being booked under the Wildlife Protection Act,” a Forest Range Officer said.

But this is a wake up call for animal rights in India. Humans have no right to be insensitive towards these gentle souls. In the video the dogs are clearly in distress and panic to see a life suffer, but the humans get pleasure. The monkey died a painful death, and suffered till his last breath for merely existing. 
The accused defended themselves by saying the monkeys gave the locals sleepless nights due to monkeys raiding the orchards. But is this an excuse for ending a life ? 
It’s obvious that if we enter forest zones they will come in search for food, how can we blame them ? It’s our mistake and the government of India should create zones or sanctuaries for wildlife to exist. There need to be strict punishments. This isn’t the first incident and it won’t be the last. And we must make a change. 

Animals are the real victims on this earth, they didn’t declare war, they don’t have weapons.  Their only “crime” is that they exist. 

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Justice for Monkey hanged to death in Telangana. The need for Stronger animal rights

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