Capital Punishment for Hoarding Medical Equipments

As everyone is suffering around us it’s really important to deliver justice to the ones who are facing issues related to procurement of medicines. Through this petition I urge strict action if anybody is found involved in black-marketing of oxygen and remdesivir. It would be ask the administration to go for capital punishment.

It’s really important to stop the black hoarding. During this pandemic those who are caught having the precious medicines must be given severe punishment. Amid shortage of medical oxygen in hospitals all across the country hindering treatment of covid-19 patients, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday urged states to check hoarding and black marketing of oxygen and medicines but I sincerely urge everyone to sign up this petition so that strict action is taken on this.

The punishment regarding the hoarding of all the essential medical goods during this hard time should be capital punishment. How can one be cruel and hoard the medical necessities

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Take Strict Action against Hoarding and Black Marketing of Medical Necessities.

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