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The Indian Medical Association (IMA), a private association of allopathic doctors in the country, seems to have put itself in a tough spot by embroiling in unnecessary controversies. First, the doctors’ body picked up a fight with Yoga Guru Ramdev by attempting to bully and threaten him over his opinion on the limitations of the allopathic system of medicine.

Not only did IMA take potshots on Ayurveda and Yogic sciences by describing it as ‘quackery,’ reports emerged in the public domain revealing how office-bearers of the Indian Medical Associations were indulging in proselytizing activities during the pandemic. Several netizens exposed how Dr Johnrose Austin Jayalal, the president of the Indian Medical Association accusing him of using the Covid-19 pandemic to convert patients to Christianity.

Even as IMA continues to face flak for its overzealous actions against Baba Ramdev, fresh allegations have surfaced against IMA, accusing them of promoting commercial products of private companies in exchange for huge fees. Several brands have paid the ‘fees’ to IMA in exchange for the association’s “stamp of approval”, which these brands often use to market their products. The IMA’s commercial endorsements of products at the cost of health safety have become a major talking point in the country.

Preferring money over consumers’ heath, the Indian Medical Association had not only endorsed a range of products from fruit juice to an LED bulb but also had given a stamp of approval for these products saying these products had health benefits.

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The private organisation aims to distort the culture of the nation and also stop the monopoly by these bunch of doctors. It is time to investigate the nefarious lobby behind IMA. #IMA_exposed

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