How It Works

How it works for the Campaigner?

Register (First Time Users)

Click the Register tab  on the right hand side top.

Fill in necessary details like

  •        Name
  •      Email Address
  •        Phone
  •      Password

It is that easy !

Log In

  • One you have registered you are ready to go. You can NOW Log in using your own credentials.
  • You can also log in through your Facebook profile or your Google account. This is easier!
  • Please rest assured we don't post anything on your wall. It is Safe.

Starting a Campaign

Just 3 steps

  • Click on the Start Campaign icon.
  •      Keep your photos and videos ready for upload. Have a well thought about story. Have all documents that support the campaign ready.
  •      Fill in relevant details and submit.

Campaign Verification and Approval

Our Compliance team will  review and Approve your campaign within 24 hours and you are ready to go.

For fast approval Log in through your Facebook Profile.  Please upload your supporting documents and other credentials like  billing estimations, media coverage if any, prescriptions and estimates etc in case of Medical Fundraisers etc. for faster verification.

Finding your Campaign after Approval

Once the campaign is approved you can look for your campaign in the "My Campaign tab" on the left hand side. Here all your approved campaigns will be visible.

Finding your Campaign that is not Approved as yet

  • Click on "My Campaigns Tab" on the left hand side
  • Click on the "My Pending Campaign" to have a look

Reaching Out to Contributors

  1. Personally talk to your friends and relatives and ask them to contribute for the cause.
  2. You can copy the link from the "Copy Link Tab" and send this link through Whatsapp  to all your friends and groups asking for contributions
  3. You can copy the link from the "Copy Link Tab" and send this link through email  to all your friends asking for contributions
  4. Click on the respective Social Media icons and log in to your Social media accounts and share it through Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram etc. post your campaigns to various groups and pages, tag your friends etc
  5. Go to the Poster section, if you want you can download the Campaign Poster, get a few thousand posters / pamphlets printed and distribute them through various channels like news papers etc


Editing the Fund Raiser

 You can edit the fund raiser at any point of time, even after approval. You can edit the Profile Image, Text, Videos, Description, End Date, Fund Goal etc however you may have to regenerate the Campaign Link and copy it to various modes of promotion.

  •      Go to My Campaign Tab
  •      Select the Campaign you want to edit
  •      Click on the Edit Campaign Button.
  •      Make the requisite changes.
  •      Save the Campaign

.....and you are done.

Please remember to repost your edited campaign on various social media accounts, whatsapp, email etc , to connect back to your contributors.

Receiving Funds

You can start receiving funds as soon as the Campaign is uploaded by you. However you can't withdraw the Money unless the campaign is Verified and Approved. We will display "Not Verified Campaign" in the Campaign and a disclaimer to notify contributors.


Withdrawal/ Transfer of Funds


The Funds can only to transferred to the Verified Account only.

Please update your bank account details in the "Withdraw" section on the left hand side of the home page.

Add the following Details and Save (keep these details Handy)

  •      Bank Account Holders Name
  •      Bank Account Number
  •      IFSC Code
  •      Bank Name

Go back to "Withdraw" tab on the left hand side. Select your campaign and say "Withdraw". You requisition is raised.


How long will it take for Money to be transferred?

Money will be transferred to your account with 7 working days.




How it works for the Contributor?

You may have received the request through Email, Whatsapp, Facebook or any other medium.

  1. Just click the link and all the campaign Details are displayed.
  2. On the right hand side of the page the Campaign Summary is displayed.
  3. You can see the "Contribute" Section here.
  4. Just Choose the amount from the Pre Specified Tab  or enter your amount and Click on the Contribute Button.
  5.       You will be guided to a page where you enter your Name, Email Id & Phone. You may also choose to either show your name next to the contribution or go anonymous

Your contribution in Rupees is shown on the right. Just Click on "Contribute Now" and you are directed to the Payment Gateway.

You can use the following to Contribute

  •      Credit Card
  •      Debit card
  •      Direct transfer from your bank
  •      Netbanking
  •      UPI

One your transaction/ contribution is effected your Contribution will show up next to the campaign.

If you have chosen to go anonymous your name will not be displayed against Contribution made.


Need Help?

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