Verified Accounts

The verified badge on CrowdKash lets people know that an account of the campaigner is authentic. Campaigners will be verified at the sole discretion of CrowdKash. CrowdKash will verify the individual campaigners or organizational campaigners on the basis of the following criteria:-

  • The duration of his/ her association with the platform
  • The number of campaigns raised
  • The amount raised by the campaigner in the last 6 months
  • Transparency displayed by the campaigner regarding usage of funds raised through the CrowdKash platform.

Once the campaigner is informed that he/she can be listed as a verified campaigner, he/ she will have to fill the verification form, attach the requisite documents and pay the verification fees. The documents will not, in any case, be used for any purpose other than specified above by CrowdKash. The verified campaigner will have the following privileges:-

  • Verified Badge
  • Confirmed Authenticity
  • Campaigns will be auto approved
  • Campaigns will automatically be list in trending section
  • For organizations with 80 G, email data of the contributors will be available so that they can send 80G compliant receipts offline (Conditions Apply)
  • Faster withdrawal of funds after withdrawal request (4 days)

Please note that the verified badge may increase the chances of your campaign getting better response. Over a period of your association with CrowdKash, the badge may add authenticity and weightage to your campaigns.

Disclaimer: Please note that contributing through CrowdKash will not always be a tax exempt charitable donation. CrowdKash does not guarantee that your Fundraisers will be fully or partially funded. CrowdKash is an internet platform to connect individuals, non-profits and contributors to collaborate on the published campaigns. CrowdKash does not take any responsibility for any promises made by campaign owners and creators on our platform. Please read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy prior performing any transactions on our platform.

Individuals or Organizations who wish to verify their accounts may send an expression of interest on email to with a covering letter.