Support Mannargudi Jeeyar Swami Feed the Homeless in Srirrangam for 20 days!

Sri Chendalankara Sampath Kumara Ramanuja Jeeyar is a Sri Vaishnava sannyasi and the pontiff of the Mannargudi Chendalakara Shenbaka Mannar Matha. Pontiffs of Sri Vaishnava Mathas are referred to by the title ‘Jeeyar Swamigal’. Jeeyar Swamigal is popularly known as the Mannargudi Jeeyar, after the town the Matah operates out of.

The line of succession at the Mannargudi Matha was broken and the pontiffhood was vacant for 125 years before the current seer was ordained.

In his pontiffhood, along with his regular religious and cultural duties, the Mannargudi Jeeyar has taken it upon himself to reach out to Dalit communities and the most marginalized groups who live in segregated colonies in villages.

Jeeyar Swamigal is at present camped in Srirangam. He operates with a small staff of 2 people and a cook on contract. He is currently getting food for 700 people cooked at the Matham's premises and uses his personal vehicle to travel and distribute food.

Since the lockdown has been extended, Jeeyar Swamigal is continuing the program of feeding 700 people two meals a day in the Srirangam region. 


Since we launched the previous appeal, Rs 1.5 lakhs was raised within a week. Using the sum as well as 700 kilos of rice donated by a farming family in the Trichy region, Jeeyar Swamigal expanded this seva to 700 people and has been feeding them twice a day.

Due to your generosity, he has been able to source vegetables from villages nearby and give people more than just rice and sambar, and an occasional doas or puri plate.

He is set to continue his seva for another 20 days through the lockdown extension.

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Since the lockdown period has been extended to May 3, His Holiness Chendalankara Jeeyar Swamigal is extending his program of feeding the homeless

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