Help GauNandi Sewa Save And Feed 300+ Gau Matas And Nandi Babas

It was in 2018 that young men Arjun and Kapil laced with devotion towards Gaumata (Cows) as well as Nandi (Bulls) started their service for tending-to and nursing these animals, called as the Gau Nandi Seva Hospital. The Gau Nandi Sewa Hospital nurses the injured 'Gaumatas and Nandi Babas' , as they are affectionately referred to in accordance with the Hindu Dharmika view as the representatives of the Gods themselves and functions as a shelter home for the abandoned ones.

Driving force behind Gau Nandi Sewa (GNS)

Originally the brainchild of Kapil, the young individual with a very rooted upbringing in the Hindu thought along with his mother used to feed Rotis to the hungry cows and bulls as is considered the custom. The regularity of the feeding process and his daily experience pertaining to the plight of hapless Nandi Babas consuming rotten food laced with plastic items and packaging moved him to a significant degree and led him to realise that he, alongside his friend Arjun who being an individual also from the same cultural upbringing as Kapil should work to develop ways for the service of such neglected creatures.

Initially, they used to send the injured Nandi Babas and Gaumatas to the Government Hospitals. But a lack of service and care on their part led the duo to realise that they must also minister to the injuries and begin a hospital of their own.

Services rendered to Gaumatas and Nandi Babas in GNS

Arjun describes in detail the horrendous acts that these voiceless creatures are subjected to on a daily basis. The attacks on the creatures range from intentional pouring of acid on their

bodies, road accidents to abandonment of Gaumatas and Nandis once they stop giving milk and are of no use to their owners respectively.

Thus, starting from a small number, today the Gau Nandi Sewa Hospital takes care of the medical needs & fodder of about 300 cattle as well as necessary rescue operations for their safeguarding. They have hired a full time Veterinarian for treatment of the injured animals under their own supervision on an emergency basis. Besides this, with the help of Shri Naresh Sharma's "Kamadhenu Ambulance" they rescue them on a 24/7 basis.