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It started innovation for social purpose. The motive is never to make economic profit. The objective is the same, poor needy children, who want to study, have to provide free better education. There is a great need for your generous cooperation to take this innovative initiative forward. The aim of the effort and mission is to educate every needy child.

Government does not change society, but the angels engaged in social service change. Though many people think of doing something for the society, but very few people can fulfill this passion. Hearing the names of poor and helpless people, on the one hand, all private schools hesitate to enroll them. On the other hand, we took the idea of educating the children of poor and backward classes into our mind.

It is said that the knowledge grows by sharing knowledge and the more the scope of education increases, the more a person progresses.

Every need of children will be fulfilled

This innovative initiative is to provide education to every poor needy children living in slums. Not only education will be provided here but school dress, books, bags, shoes and food will also be provided to them.

It operates 'Ek Bharat: Saakshar Bharat' with the generous support of common people.

One step towards social service *

The epidemic has engulfed the entire world. The disease has become difficult to curb due to rapid spread and lack of vaccine, vaccine.

Amidst the coronavirus lockdown in India, it has affected millions of daily wage laborers, servants, construction workers, daily laborers, rickshaw-pullers, balloon-sellers, and so on, who have their families for the next time. There is no income source to feed. You all know the whole world is suffering from corona virus. Every part of the population is affected, work is stopped, workers are not getting work, in the meanwhile it is feared that the biggest cost of this epidemic will be paid to the children. According to the data of the rich nation, 4-6 crore children may have to face severe poverty.

It is important that in such times we show solidarity and come forward to help the needy people. Take a step towards social service.

We are on a mission to become more aware and prepared to fight the epidemic. We have started this campaign to raise funds for the same.

Every support needs to support these families in times of crisis. Your generous donation can ensure that the lives of children are saved from the darkness.

Donate now and share this money with your family and friends and help us raise more money and help everyone.

We need to continue our work and do our work with full efficiency. We urge you to donate generously in times of these efforts and help more and more needy children.

There is no special field or scale of social service, a teacher illuminates the lives of the poor who were deprived of modern education in the light of their knowledge.

There is no special field or scale of social service, a teacher illuminates the lives of the poor who were deprived of modern education in the light of their knowledge.

This lockdown has hit the poorest sections of the people.

Trust us:

We understand that many of our supporters are struggling financially themselves. However, we also make sure that to help each other in this time of humanity, we can ask some of you to move forward and help raise money to deal with this situation. Trust me, even the smallest contribution matters to us.

What is our mission?

We envision poor, needy children to develop a society educated as self-conscious, responsible and creative individuals, who in turn can transform their own community, their society, and contribute to social development. Our basic objective of taking this innovative initiative is the same, 'needy children of every section in the society get education.

Recently, we are considering starting a residential batch of students to maximize their education as a whole. Their day begins with yoga, meditation, sports and agriculture and ends with multilingual conversation and skits. We get extreme pleasure when we see them flourishing and blooming beautifully.

But due to lack of funds we are unable to.

Who are we?

We are a small family of dedicated and developed teachers supported by a large family of creative practitioners and consultants. With the aim of providing holistic education, we look forward to our understanding and continuous reflection on our journey of learning. We find ourselves growing like our children, plants and crops.

This is our story of education of needy children towards a meaningful life. And it wouldn't be complete without you. You, kind supporters, that's why we have come to you from so far. And your support will take our children further in their journey.

Trust us, our purpose is social purpose, not economic gain.

First of all in society we talk about social service. Seriously social service is such a good thing for both the society and the country, there are many good social workers who do good work by abusing people, even by being called negatives by people,

But there are also many people who consider themselves as donors in their own eyes, such as some who share a good photo after donating blood, such people also consider themselves social workers. But man cannot become great until other people consider him great.

If people are in the society then it becomes very important to work for social service, because the good and bad of society depends on people. You all must have heard the stories of social service or social worker, but at the same time, many social workers have also become deceived today, who are trying to cheat themselves along with the people. Some people also do social service for their selfishness, it is so strange how people can do social service for selfishness? But this is a fact, not everyone is talking here. You must have also heard that some companies are working for the development of the village or city.

You know that in some places computer, sewing etc. work is taught for free, people are very happy to hear that this good work is being done for the society, but sometimes it is also for selfishness. Such companies have been trying to show the government for 2-3 years, we have been serving the society, so that the government should give them crores of funds in view of its work and the government is also fully aware of the work of such people It is unable to do so and the government also gets caught in their trap. Presently, the same thing is happening in many places so that the government gives them crores of funds after a few years and the truth is that those people will run away after few days of receiving the money.

Although some people are also good people, who use these money for society, but people do not understand who to trust and who not and who are the right people, some people are good social workers, good people too Those who do everything on their own, help people with their own job earnings, start some organizations and take up the responsibilities of their society.

At such a time, the needy children should cooperate.

People who are in trouble for livelihood bread, earn during the day and eat at night, under bridges, living in slums, illiterate people are all others, others are others. These people are also involved in the journey of 'One India, literate India', carry your burden, clean it for you, bring vegetables for you, but they are not 'us'.

Where the whole world has been battling Corona for the past few months, where it will stand in the next six months, one year or 10 years compared to today

'Ek Bharat: Saakshar Bharat' an innovative initiative

In words, we are very happy to help poor children. Seeing the poor needy children who do not have even one time to eat and drink, we decided to do something for them. We and our entire mobilizer team are working hard day and night to help the children. We need all your cooperation.

We started helping the poor children at the local level, at that time we had only 5 children who were being provided free education and also they were given free course material, at that time some people supported us. We warmly greeted them and welcomed them, they brought our words to the people, people started getting support from us gradually, we have 35 children right now who are being provided free education as well as their food and drink. Arrangements are being made. When we started the campaign to help the poor needy children, at that time we were some people, we started taking it slowly and people started giving us their generous support.

Let us tell you that the result of all this will be that the mindset of the children belonging to the poor section will improve, as well as by writing and scoring good marks in the examination, they will prove their ability in the times ahead.

Our innovative initiative is getting the full support of the people, people themselves are bringing the needs of the children to our committee, now we have so much means that we can easily help 100 children.

Through this, people are helping us with an open heart to bring forward an India literate India innovative initiative, some is spending their education, and some is donating for their course material, so that the poor needy children can get their lives To get a chance to improve, to get an opportunity, that too, by reading and writing, you can become capable.

A India, literate India the beginning of the campaign, some people in the front came to his cooperation got them we extend warm greetings are welcome in front of people, I are interested this type people themselves Our involved in this initiative are and our work appreciated are also

You know, so we small-scale this campaign had started but now we have this initiative, this campaign to the whole of India want to increase so that any corners of the country to the poor, the needy child is deprived of education right living could.

You need cooperation and love if always do get going we and our whole committee whole the day in India poor children free education in providing will be able to succeed is our conviction, you can rely on us keep.

Us this initiative is Economic to earn profit is not us only and only to those needy children who want to help unable ,whose economic situation is weakening those children we have in society, good to the level you want to bring.

Society service of a specific area of the scale does not. At the same resolution with our ultimate duty itself that causes the crisis clock in US also a teacher of the light of knowledge from those poor children's life can brighten up the money ,which in the absence of modern education is denied.

You know everyone is this time the corona virus due to the entire population of every part is affected work business stayed there, the workers can not find work meanwhile could come to that expressed is that all our biggest expense children the shrines

A according to information of the United Nations according to statistics of the United Nations, according to the figures from 4 to 6 million children to the horrific poverty faced by can.

Given by you generous, seeking donations we will use:

1.Children online class shall provide 

And the online class the essential resource for available will.

2.Kids text material, bag, bottle and dress will also be allowed.

3.Children to class during the eating and drinking of free will be arranged.

4.All the poor needy children free education will be given and as well as their coming-go to the transport arrangements also will be.

It is important that at such a time we in the solidarity shown and the help the needy to come forward. One-step social service side of the Indians to fight the epidemic for the more aware and prepared is on a mission to. For the same fund-raising for our campaign began.

Your small donation… education to all

Your small grant money can save a poor child.

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There are many such younger siblings in our society who want to read and write, but cannot read due to their economic reasons. We want to support such siblings. Our aim is that every child of society grow up with education and culture.

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