Support Gau Rakshak Anand Joshi and help his family fight the injustice

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The Gaurakshak who didn't care about his life for Dharma is now looking up to Hindu society for help.

On September 19, 2021, an unfortunate event took place cow protector Anand Joshi, who lived in Momasar Bass in Sri Dungargarh town in Bikaner district of Rajasthan, was standing outside his house in the evening.

Anand Joshi saw that a tractor was moving uncontrollably towards him, near which a cow was also sitting.

He wanted to save the cow, but unfortunately, the tractor crushed, the cow, a 10 year old child who was passing by and also Anand Joshi. The cow and that 10-year-old child died, Anand Joshi was taken to the nearest hospital Bikaner, where after being in a coma for 25 days. He was discharged from the hospital after about 7 months.

Gaurakshak Anand Joshi, who is the only bread earner for his family saw the pathetic condition of his house.

Lakhs of rupees were spent on his medicines and therefore digging up the grave of his family's financial stability.

Initially, the family of that girl requested the family of Anand Joshi by saying that the future of a girl child should not be spoiled and said that they will bear all the cost of the treatment. They requested Anand Joshi not to name that girl. But after Anand Joshi came back from the hospital, the tone of the family changed. Showing administrative and political clout, the guilty family not only changes the tractor driver with his nexus but completely suppresses the whole episode and tells Anand Joshi with a threatening tone that you do whatever you want.

Let's stand with our brother in this fight.

Please read detailed article from Sampat Saraswat ji who is leading the fight on the ground and supporting the family 

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